Malaysia, Marriage and Measles! (CultureCast)

Malaysia, Marriage and Measles! (CultureCast) March 31, 2014

mawwaigeWe continue our time-tested tradition on the Homebrewed Christianity CultureCast about taking completely unrelated topics, digging into them, making a smart-ass joke and then pretty much leaving a bunch of loose ends when we’re all done.

And you listen to this because…

We talk this week about the Malaysian airliner that’s been missing for some time now, and our obsession with recovering the wreckage and victims. It leads to an interesting look at how we deal with death in our culture, and why so many of us never learn to grieve.

Jess the Intern takes over Amy’s fear of the week as she confessed her terror about the idea of actually marrying, Philip the Page. Which, yaknow, makes him feel all kinds of awesome.

We wind it up with Philip’s first-ever on-air rant about vaccinations. I know, sounds like a weird thing for a guy with no kids to get in a twist about, but he’s on a mission, that guy.

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