Lobster Hands, World Vision and Raising Babies (CultureCast)

Lobster Hands, World Vision and Raising Babies (CultureCast) April 16, 2014

Jess the Intern and Philip the Page show off their costuming skills for Zoe’s play, Christian talks about his new job with Crowd Scribed, and Amy can’t remember her Fear of the Week… again. I guess the world just isn’t nearly as scary as it used to be?

In the echo chamber, the crew discusses the World Vision debacle, wrestling with whether or not their reversal makes sense in light of their mission, and if the whole concept of “aid” needs to be rethought. Next, they tackle the Fort Hood shooting and Philip the Page offers his perspective as a veteran while Jess the Intern waxes eloquently on the “military industrial complex.”  Finally, they talk about two new books from very different perspectives about how women can best set themselves up for having babies later in life. Jess almost has an aneurysm.

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