Frank Schaeffer on Art, Music, Irony, and Satire

Frank Schaeffer on Art, Music, Irony, and Satire June 10, 2014

Join Amy, Andy and Christian on the Piatt back porch in the latest Homebrewed Christianity Culture Cast.  With Jess the intern and Philip the Page matriculating to something better, it’s just the three stooges holding down the fort.

This show features an interview with artist, author, film director, theologian, and all-around badass, Frank Schaeffer. He has a new book out, Why I am an Atheist Who Believes in God, and joins the show to talk a whole range of topics, from art to music to fundamentalism and more.

Christian and Frank explore the difference between irony and satire, finding it difficult to come up with any hard and fast rules. They explore the work of glass sculptor Dave Chihuly and contrast that with Marcel Duchamp’s absurdist sculptures. Frank talks about his new book and why he’s never met an atheist or an evangelical.

Frank and Christian raise a lot of good questions in this interview: Do you think it’s a contradiction of terms in being both an atheist and a believer?  What multiple truths and identities do you hold?  Do you believe that sanity is found in admitting the messiness?  Join the conversation by posting on the blog!

Also, check out Frank Schaeffer’s art at and look for the Homebrewed Crew at Wild Goose Festival at the end of this month where we will be recording a live episode with Tripp and Bo!

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