Philip Clayton, Vulcans, LGBTQ Marriage Equality, and LIVE Awesomeness

Philip Clayton, Vulcans, LGBTQ Marriage Equality, and LIVE Awesomeness March 13, 2015

Mr-SpockWell folks, we geeked out this time…

First, we’re thrilled to announce a first-ever LIVE Homebrewed Christianity CultureCast! It’s happening April 28th from 6PM to 8:30 PM at Marmoset Music in Southeast Portland. Tickets are limited and already going at a healthy pace, so snap one up soon. A $10 admission  gets you into the show (duh) as well as a limited-edition CultureCast pint glass (hey, that’s a near rhyme!), two adult drinks or sodas, and some cozy time with our guests Steve Chalke from the UK, Doug Pagitt from Minneapolis and a special musical guests that’s simply so awesomely cool we can’t even tell you their name just yet (I like parenthetical asides!).

Grab your spot amidst the live haps HERE.

Our guest du week (kinda like du jour but times seven) is Philip Clayton, a postmodern voice of reason in a sea of ideological hysteria and co-editor of the new book, “Confronting the Predicament of Belief.” Along with Jim Walters and Steve Knapp, Clayton boldly facilitates a kind of critical dialogue in book form by those from a book group/think tank at Loma Linda University who had plenty to push back against or tease out from their well-known and controversial book, “The Predicament of Belief.” If ever two theo-nerds played out an intellectual bromance on air, it’s Christian and Phil Clayton in this one. Meaty, provocative stuff.

Then in the Echo Chamber, we make the abundantly obvious tie between LGBTQ marriage equality and the Hebrew Bible’s lineage of Aaron. I mean, that’s always what you think of when you read all your favorite biblical passages about the Tribe of Aaron, right. RIGHT?!?!?

We also get starry-eyed about Leonard Nimoy’s death and Harrison Ford’s plane crash, which leads to further pop-culture geekage about Star Wars, Star Trek and little-known trivia (to Christian anyway) about how Nimoy came up with his “Live Long and Prosper” hand gesture and what is has to do with his Jewish upbringing.

We hit on some recommendations, both old and new, and then we get to what everyone really wants to hear: Amy’s Fear of the Week. This time, it’s one all three of us share, which is DRONES, both foreign-deployed and domestic. Thanks. but I’m just not ready for my pizza to be delivered by flying (and mayhaps spying?) robots. Oh, and have we really reduced global war to a video game played in a bunker in Arizona? Freaky shit, kids.

And if that ain’t enough to get you to listen…well…I got nothing. Definitely DO NOT CLICK HERE to submit yourself to an hour of nerded-out theo-tainment (and lots of unnecessary hyphenations and extraneous parenthetical asides) with Slim Moon, Amy Piatt and Christian Piatt. Maybe we’ll do gooder next time.

Listen to the episode HERE

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