Are You Prepared for the A**hole Apocalypse?

Are You Prepared for the A**hole Apocalypse? September 1, 2015
Best opening sentence to a sermon I've ever heard.
Best opening sentence to a sermon I’ve ever heard.

Are You Ready for the A**hole Apocalypse?

You’ve encountered those Christians who are so self-assured about their faith it’s like fingers on a chalkboard. You’ve met the type that is only satisfied if you think, act and believe just like they do. You know the Christians that want to start a conversation with an awkward question like “have you accepted Jesus into your heart?” or left a tract as a tip, or gave crosses to kids at Halloween or…you get the idea.

One of the best sermons I ever heard started with the sentence, “I’m a Christian because I’m an asshole.” This got me thinking: maybe we do need an example like Jesus to follow because we can ALL be real assholes from time to time. But what I’ve noticed is that too many Christians believe that, once they’ve accepted Jesus, they’re all fixed and are no longer assholes.

And there’s the real irony: Thinking that having Jesus in your heart keeps you from ever being an asshole again makes you an even bigger asshole. So it’s time we talked about it.

Check out Christian’s campaign for the Asshole Christian Survival Guide HERE

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Why an Asshole Christian Survival Guide?

We need a survival guid like this for three reasons:
  1. First and foremost, non-Christians or those who simply don’t claim that identity for whatever reason have likely endured some of the darker side of Christianity for a while. They deserve too understand why; they’ve earned a life preserver.
  2. Second, Christians should know how the rest of the world sees them. Yes, this book is in part about who to survive being in the minority when surrounded by a society full of Christians. But if Christianity is going to survive, it has to figure some things out too. This might just help.
  3. Finally, we all need permission to laugh at ourselves. We all screw up. Probably a lot. And sometimes the best healing comes through laughter. so lighten up, already!

People asked to complete the phrases, “God is ________” and “Jesus is _________,” most commonly offered words like “all-loving,” “compassionate” and “forgiving.” The same group, when asked to complete the phrase, “Christians are ________,” offered words like “judgmental,” “angry,” and “hypocrites.”

So if we Christians are supposed to reflect God and Jesus to the world, why are so many of us such jerks?

If the Christian faith is going to survive, we need to start learning some new survival skills. And in the meantime, it’s only fair that we help others learn how to live with us. Together, we can make a better world, one asshole at a time.

Check out Christian’s campaign for the Asshole Christian Survival Guide HERE.

Please watch, support and share!

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