Why “Not That Kind of Christian”? (Final Day)

Why “Not That Kind of Christian”? (Final Day) October 29, 2015

My latest book project, “Not That Kind of Christian: Loving God Without Being an A**hole,” is a project of passion for me. I’m not writing it for a publisher or a big advance. I’ve actually turned down multiple book deals and am willingly paying out of my own pocket for this book because I want it to be pure, edgy and irreverently poignant. Usually when we put a book through a publishing house, it changes – often many times – by the time it reaches the public. And while sometimes this makes a book better, there are others when the message is one that publishers simply flinch at offering in its pure, uncensored state.

This is one of those books. So I need your help to make it work.

This is the final day of crowdfunding for this project and I need your help. Check out this two-minute video about it:

I’m excited to work with former Random House editor Mick Silva, Professional illustrator Luke Zimmerman and Graphic Designer Brianna Spayd on this, as no book can be done well alone. But they also have to be compensated for their time. So if you can support our shared efforts to offer the best piece of work we can, take a minute to visit the campaign page.

And as always, I value and appreciate your love, confidence and support.

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