Teenage Presidents, Comic Book Geekery and Man-spreading

Teenage Presidents, Comic Book Geekery and Man-spreading November 3, 2015

prezWe’re stoked to have our first creator and author of a comic book series as our guest this week. Mark Russell has joined us on an earlier show a long time ago to talk about his book, “God Is Disappointed In You,” illustrated by New Yorker cartoonist Shannon Wheeler. But now he’s the mastermind behind DC Comics’ latest offering, “PREZ,” which is about a teenage girl who, after a curious corndog incident (if I had a nickel…), becomes Commander in Chief.

Hey, could be worse, right? Could be Trump…

We revisit legalizing/decriminalizing drugs in News of the World…what was I talking about? Curiously I have the munchies for pizza.

Anyhoo, legalized drugs, right! As the “War on Drugs” continues to crumble, we debunk some of the myths about the risks of legalization. Several countries evidence quite the opposite of what Mrs. Reagan warned us about. And it seems the government is slowly waking up to this reality, mayhaps.

We revisit the annual Pat Robertson Screed against the evils of satanic Halloween, and why powerful women struggle to be seen as feminine in our culture. That, or if they’re feminine, their capacity for power is questioned. Catch 22, anyone? Along those lines, we chat up Prince Harry’s new viral meme phenomenon and the male tendency to engage in “man-spreading.” You do it, even if you don’t know you do. I mean if you’re a dude anyway.

Amy’s fear of the week nearly induces a mouth-puke in Christian, and the CultureCasters cast a critical eye on the new Muppets show, questioning whether it can hold the attention of children AND adults, one or the other, or anyone, for that matter. Hey, a blue car…

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