Cyber Ethics, Star Wars-ing and the Trump Factor

Cyber Ethics, Star Wars-ing and the Trump Factor December 23, 2015

kyloI know, I know. Cyber-ethics may not sound that riveting on first blush, but from Wikileaks and Anonymous to your kids on Youtube and every time you swipe a credit card, cyber security is everywhere. And with that incredible power comes both the potential to use and abuse it.

Kinda like chainsaws. Or Bibles. Anyway…

I talk with professional hacker Mike Collins this week about the ethics surrounding cyber security and encryption. Thought we’ve confounded the government’s efforts to peek in on our chats and other end-to-end encrypted data, it’s also equally impenetrable when used by terrorists and cyber-criminals. And it has been, a lot lately. So what to do when something so essential to daily life also is used against us? Mike tells all.

We also wax all things Star Wars (Amy and I have already seen it twice), and Amy even rolls the epic series into her fear of the week. No, she doesn’t think she’s going to be struck down by Kylo Ren’s awesome new light saber, but it’s about equally as likely as that. And fear not, ye unchristened few who have not graced the hallowed halls of your local theater yet; we divulge nary a spoiler for the lot of ya.

And what would a holiday episode be without some Trump to Trim your Tree? We chat up how the Donald is shifting the entire GOP landscape, and why progressives are both thrilled and scared poodles about it. Finally, what does the historic 196-nation climate accord mean for your life? Hell we don’t know, but it won’t stop us from talking about it!

Here’s hoping you enjoy a Christmas, Festivus or Hanukkah filled with peace, love, family and at least one ritual airing of grievances. Now lift that pole way up over your head and give it a toss! Oh, and if you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, that’s ok. We love you anyway.

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