CultureCast LIVE at the Goose with Trey Pearson

CultureCast LIVE at the Goose with Trey Pearson July 19, 2016

HBC LiveFor the first time, we did a live show out of town with the whole crew, and where better than at Wild Goose 2016?

Trey Pearson, founder and main man in the band Everyday Sunday, was our special guest. he broke down what it’s been like going from a darling of the Contemporary Christian Music scene to now living as an openly gay man who still loves sharing good music. He’s been everywhere from NBC news to the View, Billboard and New York Times, and now he’s here with us.

And of course we made him play our Trump Edition of the Price is Right too. Cause we’re a-holes that way.

We throw down some Postmodern 8-ball, Amy’s Goose-specific fear of the week, and even welcome a “special” guest who graced/tortured us with a sending-off song that likely will not be creeping up the CCM music charts anytime soon.

Special thanks to Phillips Theological Seminary for sponsoring this live broadcast. We would not have been able to pts logobe there without them. As such, show them a little love and check out the remote higher ed offerings they provide, for everything from an ordained ministry track to how to become more active as a social justice badass right in your local community.

Props also to Chalice Press for sharing some books to give away, and to Crowdscribed, our new publishing house parter, for also being there with us.

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