Jake Morrill on the Future of Church

Jake Morrill on the Future of Church October 17, 2016

directionSlim Moon sits down with Jake Morrill, head of the Christian Universalist Church, for the second part of their chat: this time about the future of the institutional church as a whole. Does it have a chance at survival? What will change, and what will remain? Do we need organized religion to pursue an authentic experience of the Divine?

The CultureCast trio then talks about when, or if, violence are ever justified for police. And as people of faith, can we ever justify violence?

Finally, in addition to your go-to Fear of the Week and Recommendations deliciosity, we bump heads about whether the electoral college in the United States still serves any democratically constructive purpose, or if Donald Trump’s candidacy is an argument to keep it.

Listen to it, live it and love it, folks.

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