The Gospel of Thomas – A Road Map to Transfiguration

The Gospel of Thomas – A Road Map to Transfiguration August 12, 2013
” “For God’s sake, wake up! Wake up and see what is happening, and stop hiding! Stop living in denial!” – Andrew Harvey at the second Christ Path Seminar

I am not writing to you today as someone who wants to present a scholarly picture of some ancient text and its mystical ramifications. I am writing to you as someone who knows that this world is in horrific danger, that we are running out of time and that the only possible way through is with a massive, grassroots revolution of inspired sacred love in action.

I am spending my life, giving every ounce of my energy and passion, to going all over the world to say to people, “For God’s sake, wake up! Wake up and see what is happening, and stop hiding! Stop living in denial! Stop pretending there are any solutions to be found in this level of consciousness! Start inspiring yourself with the greatest possible examples of what it is to actually stand in the fire of the Divine Presence, and then act with great courage from that Presence, for it is only that Presence and that action that has a hope of saving the planet now.”

So let’s get absolutely real about that.

The reason I begged Matt to do this series of seminars was because I wanted you to share the experience of  the Cosmic Christ that has so shattered my heart and given me so much inspiration, passion and courage—–so much wildness and truth.

The Jesus that I have discovered is one hell of an evolutionary revolutionary.  When you connect with the enormous, glorious, wild, gorgeous, sacred vision of transfiguration at the core of the Gospel of Thomas, it will rock your world.  It will blaze in your cells. It will give you the courage to get out of the coma you are in and get going!

That is why Jesus matters! He matters because He is the supreme sacred activist of history.  What He came to give us was not the laws, dogmas and games of some other religion, as if we needed  another boys’ club or another set of ways of oppressing people.  That was not His mission.

His mission, which He enacted with amazing splendor, was to birth the Divine in Himself, in order to show us what we could be if only we had the guts, the wildness, the courage, the heartbreak and the love to actually believe what He is showing us and to do it.

The reason why the Gospel of Thomas speaks to every single human being, not just Christians, is because the greatest evolutionary pioneer of divine humanity is talking about what it means to burn for God, to be transformed from a human being into a divine human being and what happens to you when you risk that journey.

I have risked that journey! I have spent my life bleeding for that journey. I have fought and cried and howled and read and begged and struggled for that journey. On that journey, I have found these words more precious than diamonds, because they speak from the heart of my experience. They will speak to the heart of anyone who jumps into the fire of divine transformation and says, “I know that the world is in terrible trouble. I am not going to pretend. I know if we come from this level of collective consciousness that we are going to destroy ourselves. I know that the only hope is to go on the birthing journey of attempting to incarnate the Divine on Earth, with all my flaws and follies, so that through me and through those who take this journey, a wholly new power of love and wisdom can come through and start acting with extreme urgency, because we have so little time.

So that’s why I’m writing to you, because the seven logions I have selected for you have been touchstones, which I have used in the nights of despair and in the nights of suffering and in the nights of revelation. They have been what I have clung to, because I recognized that this was the map for the transfiguration of the human.

I will explore those seven logions with you in my coming posts and ask you to consider them in the light of your own life. I am not offering this information to you as an academic exercise. I am writing to spark and challenge and provoke you to the beginning steps of your own divine transformation, to enable you to perform your role as a sacred activist for the sake of this planet.


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