Don’t Just Read Occupy Spirituality – Live It!

Don’t Just Read Occupy Spirituality – Live It! September 23, 2013

We’d like to thank , Jim Burklo, Bruce Epperly, Carl GreggChris Henrichsen and Frank Viola for taking the time to offer their thoughtful reviews on the Occupy Spirituality book club, and particularly for speaking so authentically to the ways in which the book resonated (or didn’t resonate) with their personal spiritual experience.

These reviews are an eloquent part of a growing conversation of commentaries from all points on the spiritual spectrum…we’ve included just a few on Matthew Fox’s site.

For those who haven’t yet read Occupy Spirituality, we’d like to invite you to discover the (r)evolutionary balance between mysticism and prophetic action represented by the many voices quoted in the book.

More important, though, we invite you to explore this balance for yourself. How do you dance between contemplating Divinity in the world around us and standing up for justice and sustainability in this world? How would you like to balance these two? What is stopping you?

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