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Stogies for Jesus April 3, 2013
Cigar smoker
photo – City Place Cigar.

God is at work at City Place Cigar in Lynchburg, VA. Here’s a letter from Bob Miller, the proprietor:

Dear Mr. Murrow,

I’ve just finished reading “Why Men Hate Going To Church”.

In my professional life, I’ve been an executive pastor, restaurateur, marketing and ministry (church planting) consultant and university professor.

My wife and I have been married for over 30 years, we have four adult daughters, four amazing sons-in-law, and four highly intelligent and good-looking grandchildren.

Being involved in a large Baptist church, I have always looked for ways to reach and impact men. My wife, Debi is a mentor to young moms and helps lead a large women’s Bible study.  We have had a number of discussions on why men aren’t involved in these types of studies.

For a number of years, I have enjoyed the pleasure of cigars and pipes. Patronizing a local cigar shop, I found amazing opportunities to talk with men about business, family, marriage, faith and life.

Once a man lights up a cigar, he blows out the cares of the day and opens up.

Almost three years ago , I shocked my wife and started City Place Cigar.  Without shame, we are a Kingdom-based business.  

We have a lounge setting with 3 HD TVs, WiFi, large leather chairs, and the best selection of cigars in our area.  We offer a comfortable setting for men, quality product and excellent customer service.  It’s a good business.

The highlight of City Place is the impact we are having on men. Our employees are primarily guys in their early 20′s.  Each one has bought into the mission of our shop.  We are a team and a tribe.

We have a Men’s Study each Wednesday night using material from “Authentic Manhood” with Robert Lewis. We currently have over 40 attending . . . Men having a cigar, discussing Godly principles, and encouraging each other.  Our study is also multi generational.  

It is also common for customers to ask our employees to pray for them about something in their lives or the lives of family members.  Customers ask other customers to go with them to church.

Our business has also provided a “spiritual touchstone” for cigar reps and vendors.  We’ve had reps come on Wednesday nights, just to hang out.

We regularly have church planters stop by, enjoy a cigar and talk about ways to reach men. This is outside the box, but it is working.

I want to thank you for your book and your commitment to the Kingdom. I would appreciate any thoughts or comments.

For the Kingdom,

Bob Miller

Visit City Place Cigar’s Web site by clicking here.

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