Try my newest book for 99 cents

In this book I tell the story of the darkest days in my marriage. Read more

Why the bathroom wars have men in a lather

The new bathroom policy angers men because it strips them of their ancient protector role. To make things worse, any man who expresses concern for his daughter’s privacy is labeled a bigot. Men can’t shield their loved ones – and they’re publicly shamed if they try. Read more

There’s no such thing as church planting

Let me point out something that should be obvious: you can’t plant a church. All you can do is plant a worship service – and hope that a church grows out of it. Read more

Should churches use air conditioning?

If we spent less on our own comfort, could give more away? Read more

Two questions every pastor should answer

Is God is using you – or are you are using God? Read more

How to love your church again (in 15 minutes)

Are you sick of going to church? Bored? Burned out? Angry? Irritated? You’re not alone. Read more

Stop managing your husband’s relationships

When a woman starts taking control of something, a man immediately backs off. After a few years of having my relationships professionally managed, they began to atrophy. Read more

Every man has a masculinity bank

The need to be manly is universal and buried deep – the product of a thousand generations of conditioning. Manliness not something a man does; it’s a vital part of who he is. Read more

All crazy, all the time

What do Donald Trump and the prosperity gospel preachers have in common? Read more

The day my marriage blew up

In a period of 24 hours everything fell apart. I sat in my living room as one by one, my family members asked me to get help for a problem I didn’t know I had. Read more

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