The One Thing that MUST be on your Church’s Home Page

The One Thing that MUST be on your Church’s Home Page November 16, 2019

What’s the #1 thing people are looking for when they visit your church’s website? It’s not your worship style, or your statement of faith, or a list of the ministries you offer.

Visitors want to know: What time is church? And where do you meet?

About half the people who come to your website have already heard of your church. They want to attend. They don’t need to be sold – they need to be told.

They want to know when and where you meet. PLEASE make it easy for them to find this basic information.

Ironically, many church websites bury this information deep in their menu structure. It’s 2 or 3 clicks from the home page.

Experts tell us most web users will only search a site for 15 seconds. If they can’t find what they’re looking for, they leave.

So put your service times and locations at the top of your home page. Make it easy to find.

Here are a couple of screen shots of web sites. Both these churches are located in Birmingham, AL. The first site is super cool with a big hero image front and center:

What’s missing? Service times and location. You have to scroll down and click a button to find out when and where the church meets.

This next site won’t win any design awards, but notice how easy it is to find the location and service times:


If your site has a header, put the service times and location there.

Or you can put a big, noticeable button that says, “Plan your visit” or “Join us.” Guts Church in Oklahoma has devoted its entire home page to visitor information, placing service times and locations front an center:

Also…put the service times and locations in the common footer at the bottom of each page. Put it on a floating header. Put it EVERYWHERE.

And this should go without saying in 2020: Make sure your site looks good on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Service times and locations should be prominent. Most people access the internet from mobile devices today. If your site isn’t fully responsive visitors won’t be able to access it. The image to the left is a screenshot of the Guts Church website as seen on a phone.

Remember, you’ve got 15 seconds before your visitors look elsewhere.

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