January 12, 2021

I explained to somebody in a therapy session that it is important to test new relationships and not reveal too much too quickly, nor commit one’s heart too soon. Here’s the image I used. Read more

December 28, 2020

Snail mail was costly; postage to the North Pole was prohibitive for most of us, so “Santy” had a special arrangement for the children of Ireland. Read more

December 9, 2020

In the Pentecost story, Babel is undone. The miracle was both in the speakers and in the listeners. Each one heard in their own tongue, not because Peter was multi-lingual but because Spirit is trans-lingual. Read more

October 27, 2020

In ‘A Place Between Heaven and Earth,” I describe my fall as a descent from a celestial realm into a human body at birth. How to make sense then of the Fall, as told in Genesis? Read more

October 6, 2020

When I was a child in Ireland, every village had “characters” who, through their behavior, generated memorable stories. Kitty Ahern was one such character, Read more

August 5, 2020

What if, as a day-old newborn, you found yourself in the loving embrace of a young, ageless mother – God Herself – and realized that you were Her only-begotten babe? How would that change your life? Read more

July 21, 2020

“Black lives matter.” No, “all lives matter.” Both statements are obviously true, yet some strange dichotomy has emerged separating these two truths. Read more

July 14, 2020

Before Jesus, no other great religious thinker had ever called God “Father” – and not just “father” but “daddy!” So, how did Jesus come to that realization? Read more

July 1, 2020

An image from childhood, of repentant Catholics beating their breasts, confessing their guilt and proclaiming, “mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa” rises unbidden in my memory. In this essay, I want to suggest that brow-beating might be more productive than breast-beating. I want to ask, and then answer, two questions: What is a thought? And how does it arise? I would suggest that a thought is simply a conversation between the ego and the soul. Science says that a… Read more

May 20, 2020

At this point in history, the capability of our human species has reached a level where our powers to create and destroy have attained almost god-like proportions. Our decisions and actions can now affect the entire planet and its populations — for good or ill. Read more

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