Andrew the Scot – August 22 (Everyday Saints Series)

Andrew the Scot – August 22 (Everyday Saints Series) August 22, 2020

Brigid flown by angels to deathbed of Andrew the Scot

Andrew the Scot is the brother of St. Brigid, patroness of Ireland. He was born in the beginning of the ninth century to at least one noble parent (there are some accounts that Brigid’s mother was a slave while her father was a chieftain. Whether she and Andrew shared the same mother is ambiguous).

Both Andrew the Scot and his sister Brigid studied under St. Donatus. While Andrew accompanied him to Italy on pilgrimage, Brigid did not. It was because of accompanying St. Donatus that Andrew the Scot earned the titles, in England, of Andrew of Tuscany and Andrew of Fiesole. It was at Fiesole that Donatus was consecrated bishop. After this, he made Andrew his archdeacon, a position he served in for forty-seven years.

A miracle involving Andrew the Scot also happened at Fiesole. The daughter of a nobleman was paralyzed and doctors were unable to help her. Her father asked Andrew to pray for her. Andrew went to the girl, knelt beside her couch, and told her to stand for Jesus had healed her. The girl did just that. This reminds me of the story of Jesus awakening Jairus’s daughter, who had died.

Andrew the Scot performed other miracles in Fiesole, too, including casting out demons, restoring the sight of the blind, and healing the sick.

Later during his time in Fiesole with Donatus, Andrew was encouraged to restore the church of San Martino di Mensola and to found a monastery there, which he did. He lived out the rest of his days there, noted for his austere life and charity to the poor.

It is alleged that his sister, St. Brigid was brought to him from Ireland by an angel to assist at Andrew’s deathbed. He died shortly after Donatus and his body is buried in the church he restored. When his remains were exhumed later, his body was found to be incorrupt. Today, Andrew’s relics remain in that church for veneration.



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