Nijay K. Gupta’s Books

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Strange Religion: How the First Christians Were Weird, Dangerous, and Compelling (Brazos, Feb 2024)

Galatians (Story of God; Zondervan, 2023)

The Beginning of Paul’s Gospel: Theological Explorations in Romans 1-4 (Cascade, 2023)

Tell Her Story (IVP Academic, 2023)

Fifteen New Testament Words of Life (Zondervan, 2022)

The Writer: A Guide to Research, Writing, and Publishing in Biblical Studies (Cascade, 2022)

Sin and Its Remedy in Paul (Cascade, 2020)

The New Testament Commentary Guide (Lexham, 2020)

Philippians, co-written with Michael F. Bird (Cambridge University Press, 2020)








Reading Philippians (Cascade, 2020)







Beginner’s Guide to New Testament Studies (Baker, 2020)







Paul and the Language of Faith (Eerdmans, 2020)







The State of New Testament Studies (Baker, 2019)







 Zondervan Critical Introduction to the New Testament: 1-2 Thessalonians (Zondervan Academic, 2019)







Prepare, Succeed, Advance, 2nd ed. (Cascade, 2019)







Intermediate Biblical Greek Reader: Galatians and Related Texts (OTN; 2018)







The Lord’s Prayer (Helwys, 2018)







Matthew and Mark across Perspectives (T & T Clark, 2016)

co-edited with Dr. Kristian Bendoraitis







1-2 Thessalonians (Cascade, 2016)







Colossians (Helwys, 2013)







Worship that Makes Sense to Paul (de Gruyter, 2010)