Why I Believe in Women in Ministry: INDEX (Gupta)

Why I Believe in Women in Ministry: INDEX (Gupta) June 4, 2019

Index of Posts

Post 1: Starting from the Beginning

Post 2: Translation and Terms

Post 3: Starting with Deborah

Post 4: In the Beginning: Image of God, Male and Female

Post 5: The Undoing (Gen 3)

Post 6: Thinking about Patriarchy

Post 7: Marvelous Mary (the Mother of Jesus)

Post 8:Mary Magdalene: Equal to the Apostles

Post 9: Wise Priscilla

Post 10: Why Translation Matters (ἀνθρωπος/anthropos doesn’t mean “man/men”)

Post 11: Is “Headship” Relevant to Women in Ministry Leadership? (1 Cor 11:2-16)

Post 12: Women in the Ancient Jewish Synagogue

Post 13: Should Women Be Silent and Submissive in Church? (1 Cor 14:26-40)

Post 14: Translation Matters: The Generic Use of ἀυτος/autos

Post 15: “Phoebe: Deacon and Benefactor”

Post 16: Junia was a Prominent Female Apostle of the First Century Church

Post 17: Biblical Interpretation and Modern Cultural Influences

Post 18: The Books that Helped Me Change My Mind about Women in Ministry (written before 2003)

Post 19: Does 1 Timothy 2:12 Prohibit Women from Leading and Preaching over Men in the Church?

Post 20: Recommended Reading on Women in Ministry

Post 21: Answers to Questions from Readers

Post 22: My Hopes for the Women in Ministry Conversation




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