New Testament Resource Guide

This page will feature information about the most important published and online resources for New Testament studies. Thank you to my Northern Seminary faculty assistant Cody Matchett for help compiling some of the data!


New Testament Introductions and Surveys (link now active)

Women: Scripture, Antiquity, Ministry: A Bibliography (link now active)

New Testament Background and Context (link now active)

New Testament Exegesis and Hermeneutics (link now active)

The Gospels

The Acts of the Apostles

New Testament Theology (coming soon)

New Testament Ethics and Application (coming soon)

Bible Translations and Paraphrases (coming soon)

Resources for Preaching the New Testament (coming soon)

New Testament Greek Studies and Textual Criticism (coming soon)

Bible Software (coming soon)

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Commentary Sets (coming soon)

Academic Journals in Biblical Studies (coming soon)