January 31, 2023

Last year, I wrote an essay on Paul and worship for a book called God and Wonder. I wanted to do something creative for this, not your typical academic essay. So, I decided (with fear and trembling) to try out historical fiction, offering a snapshot of Paul’s life of worship. I appreciate Cascade/Wipf&Stock granting permission for me to post this on my blog (a short excerpt). Thanks to editors Dr. Jeffrey Barbeau and Dr. Emily McGowin for their work on the... Read more

January 31, 2023

I am really excited about the March 14, 2023 release of my book Tell Her Story: How Women Led, Taught, and Ministered in the Early Church (IVP Academic).  If you would like to start reading Tell Her Story now (more than a month in advance), please consider joining the launch team, which is designed to generate interest in the book and help the book with a strong rollout. Joining a launch team means you are wanting to help get the word out... Read more

January 25, 2023

My new friend, Noel Forlini Burt, has written an excellent new book on journeying through “wilderness” experiences with faith and hope. I am thankful that she agreed to write about this topic and showcase some ideas in her book. Noel has a PhD from Drew University. She teaches and lectures widely in the intersection of Bible and spiritual formation. A spiritual director, retreat leader, and academic, Noel believes the Bible is a deep well from which people can draw in their... Read more

January 12, 2023

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a notice that one of my profs from seminary (Sean McDonough) had published a volume in a brand new series. I immediately got my hands on it, because it sounds amazing—and it is! The Preacher’s Greek Companion to Philippians Hendrickson Publishers is known for great language reference resources, and they were the original US publishers for the Black’s NT Commentary series and the small NIBC volumes (now Baker). This new series walks the... Read more

January 11, 2023

If you read this blog sometimes, you know I love books! So, even before 2022 was over, I started drooling over 2023 releases. Lots of exciting new material in the Biblical Studies world. I will break the year down into three separate posts, Jan-March, April-July, August-Dec. January 2023 Susan E. Hylen, Finding Phoebe: What New Testament Women Were Really Like (Eerdmans) I had a chance to have lunch with Dr. Hylen at SBL and talk with her about her book.... Read more

December 19, 2022

I got the sad news recently that Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters will be discontinued by the publisher’s decision. This was originally Mike Bird’s idea in 2008, and he brought me on board in 2009 as associate editor. The first issue appeared in 2011. We were co-editors for several years, and then eventually passed the baton on to Stan Porter and Christopher Land. The journal had a good decade run, first with Eisenbrauns, then PSU Press. We... Read more

December 15, 2022

Amy B. Peeler, Women and the Gender of God (Eerdmans) **MUST READ OF 2022 Peeler’s book is my top book of the year. Winsome, academically rigorous, interdisciplinary, a great contribution to the ongoing discussion of gender, Scripture, and theology. Simon Gathercole, The Gospel and the Gospels (Eerdmans) Gathercole looks at the canonical gospels in relation to the wider phenomenon of gospel writing in the first few centuries. Are the 4 gospels distinctive? How? Excellent in-depth study. Michael J. Gorman, Romans (Eerdmans) The... Read more

December 13, 2022

Thank you to Dr. Jim West for reading Tell Her Story and writing up a very positive review—I’m honored and thankful! You can read the whole review HERE. Here are some things Jim says: Many years ago I read a fantastic volume titled ‘When Women Were Priests‘.  It was a revolutionary and eye opening volume and more influential on my own approach to the issue of the place of women in the history of earliest Christianity than anything else. I... Read more

December 13, 2022

My friend David Moffitt (University of St. Andrews) talks about some of the key ideas in his new book: Rethinking the Atonement (Baker Academic, 2022) The Atonement—Jesus’s Work Goes On (And On!)  David M. Moffitt Debates about the atonement have raged in theological circles for many years now, with wagons circled around favored theories such as penal substitution, moral example, ransom theory, Christus Victor, and so on. While advocates of various camps fiercely contend for elements of their preferred view, one... Read more

December 13, 2022

(Wanna get caught up on all our previous guest posts and their commentary recommendations? Here is the index link to this series.) Today, we are fortunate to have a guest expert on the Psalms, Dr. Elizabeth (Libby) Backfish, Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible at William Jessup University in Rocklin, CA; and Resident Theologian at Granite Springs Church in Lincoln, CA. She is currently writing a Psalms commentary with Andy Abernethy for Lexham Press to add to this list.     Technical... Read more

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