September 27, 2022

I (Nijay) am excited to announce that AJ Swoboda and I have decided to start a new era of our podcast (formerly known as In Faith & Doubt). We will still talk about issues of faith and doubt, but we have decided to expand our topics to the Christian life in general and especially how to grow in faith little by little, day by day. Our new podcast title is: SLOW THEOLOGY: SIMPLE FAITH FOR CHAOTIC TIMES. The world feels... Read more

September 19, 2022

There are many books in the library about “New Testament theology.” I read dozens of them in seminary, many of them are good, some are great. But I wrote this book because too many academic books reserve this discussion for abstract ruminations, whereas the NT documents were written to everyday people to shape them for living everyday life—real life. Below is an excerpt from the book introduction that explains why I wrote this book. Why I Wrote 15 New Testament Words... Read more

September 15, 2022

I wrote a “featurette” document for Zondervan to supplement my new book, 15 New Testament Words of Life. It’s called “The Making of….” and talks about how a book idea became a book.  Click on the image below to go to the full pdf. or CLICK HERE         Read more

September 14, 2022

If you want to read a chapter sample of my new book, 15 New Testament Words of Life, Zondervan has graciously made this available to the public. [CLICK ON IMAGE TO GO TO PDF] Read more

September 13, 2022

Book Release and New Media Series! Today is release day for my new book 15 New Testament Words of Life: A New Testament Theology for Real Life (Zondervan Academic, 2022). I am launching a companion media series on Youtube/Podcast where I interview expert scholars on key theological themes of the New Testament. Today we have Dr. David Capes (Lanier Library) chatting with me about the Gospel of Matthew (he’s working on his second commentary on Matthew), and specifically what “righteousness” means... Read more

September 2, 2022

Eerdmans is running a big ebook sale this month. Here are my top picks (most books are $3-$15 with the sale, 80% off retail)   Read more

August 30, 2022

“Punch Drunk” Love Beth Moore, Coldplay, and the Beautiful Scandal of Metaphor Nijay K. Gupta Most of the Bible is written in narrative or poetry. That means most of the biblical writers were verbal artists. And one of the key elements of literature is metaphor. Virtually all of the music, movies, and novels we love are loaded with symbolism and wordplay, verbal images splashed across pages or woven into lyrics and scripts. Truth be told, the Bible wasn’t written as... Read more

August 4, 2022

My new book, 15 New Testament Words of Life (Zondervan Academic) is coming out in about six weeks. I have partnered with Zondervan to offer some fun “perks” for those who preorder the book (from whatever bookstore/website they prefer). See below. If you navigate to the official webpage for 15 New Testament Words of Life you can find all kinds of information about the book and myself. One nice feature is a set of “perks” for anyone who preorders the book... Read more

July 27, 2022

I was recently in SoCal talking to graduate students about higher ed and the state of the job market. One student asked a question that I get a lot: Should I even try to do a PhD if the job market is so bad? Here are the thoughts I shared. Should I Do a PhD with the Job Market So Bad? In 2009, when I was pitching my book idea to publishers, Prepare, Succeed, Advance: A Guidebook for Getting a... Read more

July 14, 2022

I am excited to tell you a little bit about my newest book (coming September 13, 2022): 15 New Testament Words of Life: A New Testament Theology for Real Life (Zondervan Academic). Too often biblical theology is presented in a way that is abstract, only cerebral, and irrelevant to everyday life. So, I set out to write a short NT theology that tries to answer the question: what would it look like to process and live out 15 of the most... Read more

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