“Strange Religious Texts”: Get the Bonus Essay FREE

“Strange Religious Texts”: Get the Bonus Essay FREE March 18, 2024

I have good news! When I wrote Strange Religion: How the First Christians Were Weird, Dangerous, and Compelling, I produced a “bonus essay” that is not in the book. Why? Brazos Press and I did this as a special gift to the 100+ readers that were a part of our launch team. But now we are offering this bonus essay to anyone who writes an honest review.

What is a bonus essay? Think of it like “deleted scenes” for a movie. It’s not crucial enough to have gone into the book, but it was written as supplemental material and has the feel of an extra chapter.

In this case, the bonus essay is called “Strange Religious Texts.” In the essay, I explore what kinds of religious texts Romans had; they didn’t have anything equivalent to “The Bible,” but they had various kinds of related literature, including prophetic documents. I do a comparison and contrast, to show—once again!—how different and strange Jews and Christians were.

How do I get the bonus essay? Good question! All you have to do is write a review of Strange Religion for either Amazon or Goodreads (or both!), then fill out this form:


And voila! We will email you the pdf of the bonus essay, “Strange Religious Texts.”

If you’ve already reviewed Strange Religion, feel free to fill out the form and we’ll get you the bonus essay.

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