Being a Jerk Doesn’t Necessarily Make You a Misogynist

Being a Jerk Doesn’t Necessarily Make You a Misogynist August 23, 2015

I just ran across this post, “Beyond Mansplaining: A New Lexicon of Misogynist Trolling Behaviors“, and I have to ask what misogyny has to do with it—leaving completely to the side the question of whether obnoxious behavior toward a specific woman counts as “misogyny”. I’ve seen most of the behaviors described here performed by people of both sexes toward bloggers of both sexes. Trolls gotta troll, I guess, but I’d love to know what makes “sealioning”, “gaslighting”, “gauntletting”, “in-citing”, “man-handling”, “miss-lonelyheartsing”, “page-sixing”, “rubbernecking”, “snit-picking” or “trojan-horsing” specifically male behaviors. Obnoxious, yes. Used by men towards women? Yeah, some jerks are male, no doubt about it. Used by misogynists? Sure, why not. But limited to them? Hardly.

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