Vikings at Dino’s: The Curt Jester’s Review

Vikings at Dino’s: The Curt Jester’s Review June 14, 2016

Vikings at Dinos proof Jeff Miller, the Curt Jester, has been a member of the Catholic Blogosphere for a lot longer than I have, and throughout that time he’s written about the books he’s read. Now he’s read Vikings at Dino’s, and he’s written about it in no uncertain terms:

This was just an excellent novel that fired on all cylinders. That took basic tropes and built upon them developed characters. There was much in this novel I did not expect, but nothing I did not immensely enjoy. I really really hope this novel develops into sequels since it is easily one of the best things I have read this year. So for selfish reasons I urge you to obtain this book, because I want more!

(Emphasis mine.) Go read the whole thing; and then, go get your own copy!

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