A Charm to Aid Those Who Are Dying from Covid-19

A Charm to Aid Those Who Are Dying from Covid-19 April 5, 2020
Last night I was inspired by the Spirits to write a charm/prayer to help guide the spirits of the dying. I had just talked with a very old friend for the first time in 20 years. She’s an ER doctor now. She shared how horrible it is to watch people die in quarantine and showed me a picture of how much gear she has to wear and how little of her face shows and how hard it is to speak loudly enough to be heard by the dying. So I did a trance and spoke to Modgud, the keeper of the gates of death. I made a bargain. I asked that the spirits of the dead be allowed to keep vigil at the side of the dying in the place of the living and that the Sight that can come on at the end be strengthened so that they might be Seen. This is a natural thing, people often see their beloved dead before they go. This is meant to simply strengthen that which is already there, working with our natures, rather than against them. I imagine it a bit like asking for Samhain in spring.
As part of this work I will be doing trancework for 60 days working with Modgud, the Norse guardian of the gates of death.  It was the bargain that I made. I know there are a number of other groups and spiritworkers who are also working as psychopomps and starting to work on other issues, such as the trauma that our doctors and nurses are experiencing seeing so much unattended death, and the reality of mourning the dead without being able to be in community with others. Feel free to use this charm in your own work.

Charm to ask for the beloved dead to keep vigil over the people dying in quarantine:

Shallow breathing, separated
Slowly fading, bravely waiting
Thanking gods and doctors
Heroes in hospitals, both in beds and gear
Fighting foes invisible and fearsome
Not all will survive this waiting war
When the light slips from their eyes
And the skies of the next world are drawing near
Let the gates open easy to the beyond
Let their beloved dead be with them when the living cannot.
Let the bargain be made and the keepers of the dead be kind in this hungry time.
I call to the guardians of the dead and give them offering and thanks for their leniency
Letting love fly through
To keep the company of those who will walk the long road home with them after.
Let open the fading eyes of those kept separate to keep all others safe from harm.
Let their sight be strong, and gifted freely to see those guides from the beyond, to be kept and loved with vigil given by those who went before.
I offer gifts and words for this allowance.
I offer work and will for this allowance.
I offer love and thanks for this allowance.
May the blessing be made and kept.
May balance be wrought with this wisdom.
May it be so.
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