Murder is a Right, According to Sanders

Murder is a Right, According to Sanders December 5, 2019

Did I miss something in civics class? Was there a new amendment added to the Constitution of the United States and we just didn’t get the memo? Bernie Sanders announced yesterday, by the powers of Socialist Democracy, that “abortion is a constitutional right.” There we have it folks; if you needed any further proof to the fact that socialists are fucking crazy, Sanders gave it to you.

And the amount of cheers and likes and retweets this tyrant received is astounding! Suddenly, we applaud murder. Suddenly, killing babies just isn’t a big deal anymore. Hey, while we are at it, what’s the socialist agenda for eradicating homelessness, Bernie?

I am in awe, really. I am in awe on how this white man—the archetype of society that apparently is the most toxic and privileged at the same time— can say something as bombastic as he did, and no one bats an eye. Nothing? No one wants to say, “Uh, hey Bern, dude, that was a bit too far. I mean yeah, we all hate babies, but we don’t go around publicly declaring abortion as a right.”

Are we that desensitized by the miracle of life that we just #shoutyourabortion as though it’s a friggin medal of honor? Is that what we do? It’s grotesque. It’s beyond deplorable.

The reason we don’t value anyone is because we have stopped valuing the most precious form of life; the most innocent and the most dependent—the unborn. When we stopped caring about the sanctity of life at its very beginning, there was only an open pathway to dismiss the worth of whatever human forms we could so justify. And so, we have.

Look, I know typically, it’s expected that as a more progressive leaning woman, I should somehow embrace abortion as my God-given right; but fuck that noise. I will not. I will not make any grandiose statements about my own experience of abortion. It was the vilest day of my life and I will not paint it up as though it was anything liberating or freeing or justified by my womanhood. It destroyed a piece of my heart for a long time. I have since healed from it, but it is still remarked as a dark day in my life that I wish I would have been more mindful about.

With that being said, I am also not about to storm any government building and demand that it be banned altogether. If you want to use abortion as birth control or race control, by all means, have at your wicked ways of whitewashing. Yes, it is whitewashing. It’s a contributing reason to why the black population has been stagnant to rise and why our country is facing a population deficit. If black lives matter, we should stop convincing so many black women that abortion is the answer, or now, a right.

But I must ask those who support Sanders: do you endorse this? Are you such loyal flocks of sheep that you would endorse any person that sees no value in the unborn life if it would be a financial burden to another life? How much more so can adults be a financial burden to the society in which they live? When will the line be crossed that murder is a constitutionally protected right? Kill your ex, kill your in-law, kill your 15-year-old because they stole your car and charged up your credit card?

Call me alarmist, but the very notion that any presidential candidate can publicly lament about such a cruel and foul act as being a friggin right just ends all deals for me. I mean, sure, the philanderer and adulterer are bad enough, but an old rich, white guy is applauded for praising abortion as a right? Did I wake up in the Twilight Zone?



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  • Nimblewill

    I think we are in the twilight of the Twilight Zone! You go girl!

  • It’s interesting you use the phrase “old rich white guy” to
    describe this progressive politician. This is the phrase used by the
    progressive democrats to describe those in power who have been detrimental to
    the minorities achieving equality in society. The rich old white guy is the
    symbol for all that is wrong with societies, according to leftist progressive
    ideology. I guess it’s okay to be rich, old, and white, but only if you’re pandering to them.
    Somehow its different, somehow, you’re relatable. Right!

  • Nixon is Lord

    You are committing a micro aggression, hate crime!/s

  • Nixon is Lord

    I am astonished that you could call the liberation of last resort for thousands of desperate women a crime.

  • Nixon is Lord

    What’s wrong with keeping the population at 325 million? Aren’t we straining our resources and environment enough at our current population level? Who wants the US to get to 400 million? Half a billion?

  • Hahahahah. Put the crack pipe down and we can talk.

  • John “Matt “ Myers

    I cracked up in laughter after reading your comments regarding Bernie the Communist, you nailed it. I am an old white guy, a veteran, just not rich and thankfully not stupid like Bernie. You go girl, your message resonates with me.

  • Nixon is Lord

    No-and now you’re drug use shaming!!!

  • Andrew Grever

    How did this wind up on the Progressive Christian side of things?

    Also, the Bible is perfectly clear that life begins with the first breath. It also treats an unborn child as property (though not of the woman, but of the father), and NOT as a person.

    What is it that fundy-dundies like to say? Oh yeah. The Bible says it, I believe it, that settles it.

  • Hahahah. Lady, where is your husband? Hahahahhaha.

  • Well, China did that whole population control thing too. Look at how that worked. If you are down with infanticide as well, I guess my message won’t resonate with you. Can’t win them all. But, if you were aware of the open land that is available in this country, you would see that there is potential to house billions in this country, if we continued to expand communities instead of urging everyone to continue to move toward overpopulated cities that are failures of Democratic policies.

  • Steve Knudsen

    People who don’t accept the far left positions of the Democratic party on abortion are busy defending the president. What we face is the possibility of nuclear or climate annihilation, but I’m not sure which side is more tone-deaf about this issue.

  • Muff Potter

    And I’m gobsmacked that you would advocate abortion as a form of birth-control.

  • Muff Potter

    As a free-thinker beholden to none, I love it when you piss-off the progressive left and get their boxers and panties in a dither!
    They’re just as intolerant and as Orwellian as the most rabid fundagelicals.
    Brava Danielle, Brava!

  • Steve Knudsen

    If you are a fundie, read Psalm 139. It identifies the final source of life as God. And, regarding property, the Bible views children as assets, because it’s an agrarian/shepherd society. But the father does not just have assets, he has responsibilities.

  • Nixon is Lord

    Why? It most certainly limits the number of people being born.

  • Nixon is Lord

    Why would you want all that open, unspoiled wilderness covered with millions more people? Aren’t we already ruining our environment and we haven’t even reached a third of a billion yet?

  • Because why else were we created? To be here. To actualize our gifts and to connect to others. I believe God knew that in order to have communion with humanity, humanity would have to make some tough choices about continuing population. Which would mean, we need to fill spaces that were untouched so that love can populate the planet.
    I am beginning to get the impression you don’t like people. And if that is the case, you might not like my blogs, because I write about connection to people rather often.
    Thanks for all of your comments. Enjoy your day.

  • Nixon is Lord

    I like food; I don’t think I should eat every waking moment. That’s unhealthy; that’s food ( a good thing) taking up too much space.
    Now do you see my point?

  • BJR1961

    Yeah, we tend to get upset when people try to step on our rights… especially when they try to DENY their existence.

  • BJR1961

    Puleeze, there is an entire group of people (a larger group than fundamentalists, for sure) who you just denigrated — I get the distinct impression that YOU do not like people either. THAT was about connection? Nah, that was a soapbox, and you stood on it.

  • BJR1961

    He called it “the LAST resort,” Muff.

  • Etranger

    How did this chick get a blog on the progressive christian section? Usually the bloggers are better at writing some reasonable empathetic articles. I guess just because she thinks bjs and anal are not sinful she got a spot here. She’s a cool kid! /s (Also, how old is she….abortion has been a right since 1973…)

  • Nope. Not even a little. Could it be your approach?

  • Are you inquiring about empathy and progressivism all the while referring to me as a “chick”?

  • Etranger

    Yeah. Do you know what empathy is? Has nothing to do with the use of the word chick. I give you credit for getting a blog here though. Fooled the right folks!

  • This sounds like jealousy to me…

  • Are you saying that you think climate change or nuclear war threats are more pressing of an issue for all of us to focus on, rather than abortion?
    (I just want to clarify your position, if that’s alright).

  • soter phile

    Jeremiah 1:5 says “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb…”

    Luke 1: the angel tells Mary she will conceive in her womb. And to that point…
    John the Baptist leaps in Elizabeth’s womb when Mary walks in bearing Jesus in her womb.

    No, the Bible does not say (as you claim) “life begins with the first breath.”

  • Xavier de la Torre

    Please – by all means – feel free to check out for this planet’s sake.