Almost all of the results are in now

Almost all of the results are in now November 8, 2016


Reagan and Buckley in the White House
President Ronald Reagan meets with William F. Buckley Jr. in the Oval Office in January 1988.


I was a pre-teen in 1964, but, although my parents voted for Lyndon Johnson, I was an ardent supporter of Sen. Barry Goldwater.  So was my brother.  And when my brother went into the voting booth to cast his ballot, he took me with him and actually permitted me to pull the lever for the senator.  I’ve been a conservative (with libertarian economic leanings) all of my life.  I grew up on the writings of William F. Buckley Jr., Russell Kirk, George Will, Friedrich von Hayek, and Milton Friedman, and I supported Ronald Reagan in every one of his political races.


Right now, it seems that Mr. Donald J. Trump is about to acquire the White House.  The New York Times is projecting his victory.


I’m deeply saddened.  (I would have been saddened by a Clinton victory, too.  I’ve just found this entire election sad.)  I believe that a Trump presidency will gravely injure the American conservative movement.  And whether he wins or loses won’t affect my judgment that he’s a very bad man who is intellectually, morally, and psychologically unfit for the presidency.  I fear that he’ll be a very bad president.


However, I take comfort in the fact that there are more fundamentally important things than politics.  And I recall that, even in politics, there are no permanent defeats . . . because there are no permanent victories.


In the meantime, I continue to pray for America.



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