Tempio di Roma

Tempio di Roma January 14, 2019


Ugo Perego and Moroni
A couple of years ago or so, my friend Dr. Ugo Perego (second from left) sent me this photo of “the bishops of Rome” — he knows that my one ecclesiastical ambition has always been to bear that title, “bishop of Rome,” which he himself held at the time — posing near the still-under-construction Rome Italy Temple with the statue of the Angel Moroni, which was shortly afterward to be placed on the temple’s highest tower. (I’m guessing, just on a hunch, that not everybody shown in the photograph was actually a bishop.)


New, on the website of the Interpreter Foundation:


“There are Many Witnesses to the Birth of Christ: A Video Supplement for Come, Follow Me Lesson 3: We Have Come to Worship Him




President Russell M. Nelson continues to astound.  He is, for one thing, 94 years old.  And, just two days before his visit to California, his daughter fell victim to cancer.  (He refers to her death in a comment cited in the article.)  I hope that I’ll be as active as he is, and at least one percent as useful to others, when I’m seventy:


“President Nelson Brings Hope to Californians Caught in 2018 Wildfires: “We care about you. … We love you.””




The wait has been worthwhile.  It’s a temple, after all.  But it’s also a very beautiful building, set amidst really beautiful grounds and other buildings.  Don’t miss the video:


“Rome Italy Temple to Begin Public Tours: Ancient Italian architecture reflected in edifice design”




I’ve been told that President Nelson wants to build many more temples, and to bring them to people in places where the population is such that there will never be large numbers of Church members but where the distances are such that getting to a temple elsewhere would be very difficult, if not impossible.  The announcement at the October 2018 general conference of temples in such places as Cape Verde and Guam seems to bear this out.  Of necessity, at least some of these temples will be quite small.  I wonder if the design of the San Juan Puerto Rico Temple, just released, is a harbinger of things to come:


“Artist Rendering Released for San Juan Puerto Rico Temple: Temple will be the third Latter-day Saint temple in Caribbean”




I realize that this talk didn’t settle every issue and won’t solve everybody’s problems — no single talk can do such a thing — but I liked it quite a bit, and hope that it helps some to think about these matters:


“Elder and Sister Renlund Discuss Faith and Doubt in Worldwide Broadcast”



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