“Messengers of the Covenant” and members of Utah’s state legislature

“Messengers of the Covenant” and members of Utah’s state legislature February 1, 2019


Hawaii's very first LDS temple
The Laie Hawaii Temple (LDS Media Library)


Given that today is Friday, it should be no great surprise to anybody that a new article has appeared in Interpreter: A Journal of Latter-day Saint Faith and Scholarship.  It’s by Professor Matthew L. Bowen, of Brigham Young University – Hawaii:


“Messengers of the Covenant: Mormon’s Doctrinal Use of Malachi 3:1 in Moroni 7:29–32”


Abstract: Although not evident at first glance, shared terminology and phraseology in Malachi 3:1 (3 Nephi 24:1) and Moroni 7:29–32 suggest textual dependency of the latter on the former. Jesus’s dictation of Malachi 3–4 to the Lamanites and Nephites at the temple in Bountiful, as recorded and preserved on the plates of Nephi, helped provide Mormon a partial scriptural and doctrinal basis for his teachings on the ministering of angels, angels/messengers of the covenant, the “work” of “the covenants of the Father,” and “prepar[ing] the way” in his sermon as preserved in Moroni 7. This article explores the implications of Mormon’s use of Malachi 3:1. It further explores the meaning of the name Malachi (“[Yahweh is] my messenger,” “my angel”) in its ancient Israelite scriptural context and the temple context within which Jesus uses it in 3 Nephi 24:1.


Happy weekend!




You might perhaps find this of interest in connection with my “New Testament Note 13,” which is focused on John the Baptist:


“Video: The special symbolism behind the place where Jesus Christ was baptized”




From the Deseret News:


“These are the top challenges facing BYU and other religious schools in 2019”


And here’s a related piece:


“This Is What Anti-Christian Bigotry Looks Like: A progressive private academy says it’s ‘unsafe’ to play games at a Christian school.”




For your study of this year’s New Testament curriculum:


“Reflections on Come Follow Me 5: “Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord” (Matthew 3; Mark 1; Luke 3)”




Robert Boylan issues strong endorsements of Julie Smith’s new Latter-day Saint commentary on the gospel of Mark:


“Book Recommendation: Julie M. Smith, The Gospel of Mark”


“Julie M. Smith on Peter being Called “Satan” and Peter’s Three-Fold Denial Before the Cock Crowing Twice”


“Julie M. Smith on Mark’s Christology and Jesus as God in the Garden of Eden”




“7 Fascinating Facts About the “Come Unto Me” Window in the Rome Visitors’ Center (+ Pictures)”




I’m not precisely sure what we’re supposed to do about this situation in Utah, or whether it’s thought to constitute some sort of problem:


“Mormons account for nearly 90 percent of state Legislature”


Are nonmembers of the Church perhaps barred from seeking political office in Utah?  Does the state’s constitution mandate a minimum percentage of Latter-day Saints in Utah’s House and Senate?  Is there a religion test for voting in the state?


Should the results of democratic elections in Utah be modified in order to meet religious quotas?  Is there something wrong with people being allowed to vote?  Did the current members of the state legislature exercise mystic Mormon voodoo powers in order to gain control of the government?



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