“Doors of Death”

“Doors of Death” September 4, 2019


Gorgeous scenery at Upper Canada Village
By filming at Upper Canada Village in Ontario, our crew will able to take eventual viewers of the Interpreter Foundation’s “Witnesses” project back very nearly two hundred years. They continue to work there today.  (Still photograph provided by producer Russell Richins.)


While I regret not being able to be back east with the Witnesses film crew, there are some compensations:  A friend from Mexico who makes the best chiles rellenos on the planet brought some over to our house for us.




There is some very interesting material in these videos, produced at the end of President Russell M. Nelson’s South American ministry tour:


“Watch: President Nelson Says New Temples, Other Announcements Will Be Made This General Conference”


And, incidentally:


“How You Can Join President Nelson’s 95th Birthday Celebration!”




From Pearl of Great Price Central:


“Shulem, One of the King’s Principal Waiters”




At the April 1992 General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Elder Russell M. Nelson, then a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, delivered remarks entitled “Doors of Death.”  Here is a passage from that conference address:


Loving relationships continue beyond the doors of death and judgment. Family ties endure because of sealings in the temple. Their importance cannot be overstated.

I remember vividly an experience I had as a passenger in a small two-propeller airplane. One of its engines suddenly burst open and caught on fire. The propeller of the flaming engine was starkly stilled. As we plummeted in a steep spiral dive toward the earth, I expected to die. Some of the passengers screamed in hysterical panic. Miraculously, the precipitous dive extinguished the flames. Then, by starting up the other engine, the pilot was able to stabilize the plane and bring us down safely.

Throughout that ordeal, though I “knew” death was coming, my paramount feeling was that I was not afraid to die. I remember a sense of returning home to meet ancestors for whom I had done temple work. I remember my deep sense of gratitude that my sweetheart and I had been sealed eternally to each other and to our children, born and reared in the covenant. I realized that our marriage in the temple was my most important accomplishment. Honors bestowed upon me by men could not approach the inner peace provided by sealings performed in the house of the Lord.

That harrowing experience consumed but a few minutes, yet my entire life flashed before my mind. Having had such rapid recall when facing death, I do not doubt the scriptural promise of “perfect remembrance” when facing judgment. (Alma 5:18; see also Alma 11:43.)



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