Only in his imagination? Only with “spiritual eyes”?

Only in his imagination? Only with “spiritual eyes”? September 15, 2019


Jordan, Goodman, and Richins.
The core of our “Witnesses” film crew (from left to right: cinematographer and co-writer James Jordan, director and co-writer Mark Goodman, and producer Russell Richins). Mitch Davis was the author of the original script, which has since been modified by Brothers Jordan and Goodman. Who took this photo? I have no idea. Diane Richins, perhaps.


Our Witnesses film crew are now in Old Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts.  The project continues.  And, by all accounts, it appears to be going well.




“Church Thanks Mali Government for Formal Recognition: Elder Marcus B. Nash represents Church at ceremony in Bamako”




I personally heard him [David Whitmer] state in Jan. 1876 in his own house…in most positive language, that he did truly see in broad day light, a bright, and most beautiful being, an ‘Angel from Heaven,” who did hold in his hands the golden plates, which he turned over leaf by leaf, explaining the contents, here and there. He also described the size and general appearance of the plates.

David Whitmer, reported by Thomas Wood Smith to the Editor, Fall River (MA) Herald, 28 March 1879; reprinted in the Saints’ Herald 26 (15 April 1879): 128; cited in Dan Vogel (editor), Early Mormon Documents (Salt Lake City, Signature Books, 1996–2003), 5 vols, 5:26.


I saw the angel as plainly as I see you; he was surrounded by the glory of God, which overshadowed us, and we heard his voice, and we saw the records of the Book of Mormon…My testimony is the same as at the beginning, as is true.

David Whitmer, interview with J. Frank McDowell on 8 May 1884, Saints’ Herald 31 (9 August 1884): 508; cited in Dan Vogel (editor), Early Mormon Documents (Salt Lake City, Signature Books, 1996–2003), 5 vols, 5:223.


How well and distinctly I remember the manner in which Elder Whitmer arose and drew himself up to his full height–a little over six feet–and said, in solemn and impressive tones: “No sir! I was not under any hallucination, nor was I deceived! I saw with these eyes, and I heard with these ears! I know whereof I speak!”

Joseph Smith III, et al., Interview, July 1884, Richmond Missouri, in Lyndon W. Cook, David Whitmer Interviews, 134-35.




Sigh.  Mr. Jonathan Neville, a vocal advocate of the so-called “Heartland model” of Book of Mormon geography, appears to be under the control of an irresistible compulsion to attack those who fail to share his opinions.  So I call your attention, yet again, to the invaluable work of the Neville-Neville Land blog, and particularly to its three latest entries:


“Jonathan Neville is terrified of the forthcoming ScripturePlus App”


“Jonathan Neville is a critic of the Church”


“Those who live in glass houses, pt. 3”



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