“O great mystery!”

“O great mystery!” December 7, 2021


Hugh Nibley
Hugh W. Nibley
(b. 27 March 1910; d. 24 February 2005)
Wikimedia Commons public domain image




Three new items were posted earlier today on the website of the Interpreter Foundation:


Nibley Lectures: Come, Follow Me Doctrine and Covenants Lesson 18 “The Promises … Shall Be Fulfilled” (D&C 45)

During 1978, 1979, and 1980, Hugh Nibley taught a Doctrine and Covenants Sunday School class. Cassette recordings were made of these classes and some have survived and were recently digitized by Steve Whitlock. Most of the tapes were in pretty bad condition. The original recordings usually don’t stop or start at the beginning of the class and there is some background noise. Volumes vary, probably depending upon where the recorder was placed in the room. Many are very low volume but in most cases it’s possible to understand the words. In a couple of cases the ends of one class were put on some space left over from a different class. Even with these flaws and missing classes, we believe these these will be interesting to listen to and valuable to your Come, Follow Me study program.


Audio Roundtable: Come, Follow Me Doctrine and Covenants Lesson 51: “The Family Is Central to the Creator’s Plan”: The Family: A Proclamation to the World

The Interpreter Radio Roundtable for Come, Follow Me Doctrine and Covenants Lesson 51, “The Family Is Central to the Creator’s Plan” on The Family: A Proclamation to the World featured Neal Rappleye, Jasmin Rappleye, and Hales Swift. This roundtable was extracted from the 7 November 2021 broadcast of the Interpreter Radio Show, and has been freed from commercial and other interruptions. The complete show may be heard at The Interpreter Radio Show is broadcast on Sunday evenings from 7 to 9 PM (MDT), on K-TALK, AM 1640.  Alternatively, you can listen live from wherever you may be located on the Internet at


Come, Follow Me — D&C Study and Teaching Helps Lesson 51, December 13-December 19: The Family: A Proclamation to the World — “The Family Is Central to the Creator’s Plan”

These short notes, as usual, have been kindly contributed by Jonn Claybaugh.




In response to deafening popular demand — it must have been deafening, because I’ve heard absolutely none — I share another of my very favorite pieces of Christmas music.  Morten Lauridsen’s setting of O magnum mysterium is, in my opinion, one of the most  beautiful pieces of modern classical composition I’ve ever heard.  It’s almost unearthly:



Latin text
O magnum mysterium,
et admirabile sacramentum,
ut animalia viderent Dominum natum,
jacentem in praesepio!
Beata Virgo, cujus viscera
meruerunt portare
Dominum Christum.
English translation
O great mystery,
and wonderful sacrament,
that animals should see the new-born Lord,
lying in a manger!
Blessed is the Virgin whose womb
was worthy to bear
Christ the Lord.



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