Harvesting Magic and Setting Magical Intentions

Harvesting Magic and Setting Magical Intentions October 17, 2014

2014-10-07 20.35.57The red of the moon earlier this month reminded me of many things. I circled under the shining light of the mother, thinking about all the change of this year and all the things to come. A time of power and release, the power of the eclipse looming. I started thinking about the calm that comes with ritual, the energetic foundation that is palpable and yet still indescribable. It is one of the reasons that the mystery of ritual still exists, it is the experiential process of being in it and not thinking about it.

Since the full moon ritual this month, I have been thinking on a lot of things in my life and within my future. Life gets hectic, the mundane world has a way of pulling us away from the focus that magic can bring. We are all subjected to this type of influx of clarity that happens when the balance between the magical and the mundane shifts, and then we struggle to regain it as it changes again. This ongoing imbalance, the struggle, makes it easier to distance ourselves from the need for ritual… from the benefit of ritual.

The mother shines in the night’s sky, illuminating through the clouds and casting a light onto the path. It is a path that feels worn and yet is brand new. I think it is much like the cycle of the moon that is familiar and yet still a beautiful site each time that we see her. This is the cycle of magic that rejuvenates our bodies and reaffirms our spirit.

We should not forget that ritual is not just going through the motions, and it is often a parallel process that is happening when we enter ritual space. We are outwardly working on things, and inwardly we are stretching our ability to grow and connect to spiritual movement and healing. So why do we get out of the pattern of feeding our spiritual bodies and get stuck into the cycle of mundane crap that seems to permeate in our being? I think it is for the same reasons that we neglect going to the gym, or stall on going to bed on time; life just seems to get in the way. Lack of consistent magical routine does not make anyone a “bad” witch, it just means that we are human and subjected to the regular challenges of maintaining consistency in such a complex world. Magical discipline is as important as any other form of commitment. We must make ritual a priority; I must make ritual a priority again.

As we embark on the turning of the wheel once more, from the blood moon to the final harvest of the year, let us contemplate some of the ways that the mundane can dull out our magic, and how we are prone to let it do just that.As I move closer to the Witch’s new year, I am contemplating ways to set rituals for the year, planning out some of my magic ahead of time, and carving out a space to routinely make sure I am in ritual space.

I encourage us all to take an opportunity to reflect on our patterns, and the impact of patterns that take us away from our connectivity to the Gods. It is the perfect time to contemplate patterns, and to reset the ones that are no longer serving us. Set your magical intentions for the new year and allow yourself to be a part of that very process as the wheel turns.

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