3 Keys to Every Healthy Relationship (Lessons I Learned From Watching “Same Kind of Different As Me”)

3 Keys to Every Healthy Relationship (Lessons I Learned From Watching “Same Kind of Different As Me”) September 13, 2017

Same Kind of Different as Me

I recently had the opportunity to preview a new movie called Same Kind of Different as Me which chronicles the remarkable true story of an unlikely friendship between a millionaire art dealer named Ron Hall and a homeless man named Denver Moore. The movie (and the real-life relationship it’s based on) teaches some powerful truths about both the value and the costs of true friendship. As I watched the film, I was mesmerized by the characters and I soon realized that I wasn’t just being entertained; I was being taught a Master Class on how to build healthy relationships.

Without creating any spoilers about the plot of the movie, I want to share a few key relationship principles I learned from the broken-then-restored marriage depicted in the movie between Ron and Deborah as well as the lifelong friendship that was forged between Ron and Denver. I believe that if we’ll apply these same principles to our own relationships, we too can experience the same life-changing blessings and benefits the people depicted in the movie have experienced.

1. Healthy relationships are built on COMMITMENT not CONVENIENCE.

In our self-focused, on-demand world, most relationships form out of convenience. We’re good at “networking” (doing good for others who can repay us), but we’re really bad at love, vulnerability, selflessness, commitment and all the other ingredients that make meaningful relationships work. In both the marriage (Ron-Deborah) and unlikely friendship (Ron-Denver) at the center of the movie’s storyline, I was reminded about how commitment must trump convenience for relationships to thrive. Our most meaningful relationships will always require us to step outside of our comfort zones at times. It might be messy at times, but life is messy and real relationships are worth it! Be there for your loved ones in the moments where it’s important for them; not just the moments that are convenient for you.

2. Healthy relationships require TIME to build (or rebuild) TRUST.

Trust is the foundation of every healthy relationship and trust never happens overnight. It requires time. Just like dollars represent the currency of our economy, time represents the currency of relationships. If you want to add value and add trust to your relationships, you must always start by investing more of your time. Time builds trust and trust builds relationships. There are no shortcuts. Relationships aren’t made in a microwave; they are created in a “crock pot.” The more time you invest, the better it will be!

3. Healthy relationships are all that will matter in the end.

One of the climactic scenes of the movie takes place at a funeral (I won’t tell you whose funeral), and a eulogy speech is given that powerfully reminds us all that relationships are what matter most. When you and I reach the end of our time on earth, our hobbies, bank accounts, travels or trophies won’t be what matters to us. In the end, our relationship with God and our relationships with our loved ones will be all that really matters. Let’s not wait until the end to make them a priority!

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and I’m looking forward to seeing it hit theaters on October 20, so everyone can experience the powerful lessons in this inspiring true story! You can watch the trailer for the movie by clicking HERE>

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