Colin Kaepernick knows nothing about civil rights or freedom

Colin Kaepernick knows nothing about civil rights or freedom September 9, 2016

I love this country, and I salute the flag every chance I get. We live in a country that grants more privileges to everyone now than it ever has before. Yet, there’s still some who feel that there’s no justice. Folks like Colin Kaepernick, who have forgotten about a time when blacks really struggled with civil rights and freedom. He doesn’t know anything; he’s a dumb jock.

Has he ever heard of Frederick Douglass? There’s a real good piece at The Daily Signal everyone should read, especially Kaepernick. It contrasts the NFL crybaby with Douglass, a former slave, and abolitionist who loved The Star-Spangled Banner:

Douglass pulled no punches in criticizing slavery as a massive contradiction in American life, but he understood the evils of the system would be corrected by embracing the country’s origins rather than rejecting them. He encouraged black Americans to sign up and fight for the Union under the American flag during the Civil War, played a crucial role in recruitment efforts, and convinced many former slaves to serve in the military and embrace the United States as the vessel—not the thwarter—of freedom.

Douglass was known to frequently play “The Star-Spangled Banner” on his violin for his grandchildren in the years after the war. He said in an 1871 speech at Arlington National Cemetery that “if the star-spangled banner floats only over free American citizens in every quarter of the land, and our country has before it a long and glorious career of justice, liberty, and civilization, we are indebted to the unselfish devotion of the noble army.”

Is Kaepernick trying to equate the struggle of blacks today with the struggle of blacks of Douglass’s time? He’s sorely misinformed if he is. He is protesting the flag of a country that allows him to disgrace it and still make it home to his mansion and fine furnishings without any fear of jail or any punishment from his government. Try that in some other countries and see what happens. Kaepernick is an elitist who isn’t risking life or limb like his enslaved ancestors did. Let’s just call it his jock privilege.

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  • DjuanWash

    Luckily, veterans have come out in droves using the hashtag #VeteransForKapernick on social media to support Kapernicks right to free speech and protest, a value millions of Americans hold near and dear to their hearts. These veterans also have the law on their side. In 1943 The Supreme Court in West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnett rendered a decision that protected students from coerced allegiance to the pledge and saluting the flag. The decision was a forceful defense of free speech and constitutional rights which was “beyond the reach of majorities and officials.” Justices Black and Douglas in their concurring opinion wrote: “Words uttered under coercion are proof of loyalty to nothing but self-interest. Love of country must spring from willing hearts and free minds, inspired by a fair administration of wise laws enacted by the people’s elected representatives within the bounds of express constitutional prohibitions. These laws must, to be consistent with the First Amendment, permit the widest toleration of conflicting viewpoints consistent with a society of free men” These same protections apply to Kapernick, whose peaceful protest is meant to raise awareness of the issue of police brutality.

    • Telilocke

      Way to completely miss the point.