Kurt Schlichter: The Left Hates You. Act Accordingly.

Kurt Schlichter: The Left Hates You. Act Accordingly. May 9, 2017

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Do you ever look around at the leftists freaking out after the election of Donald Trump, unable to move forward with their lives, seemingly losing their minds.  Well, Kurt Schlichter has written the definitive guide to life in the post 2016 election world.  

It begins:

They hate you.

Leftists don’t merely disagree with you. They don’t merely feel you are misguided. They don’t think you are merely wrong. They hate you. They want you enslaved and obedient, if not dead. Once you get that, everything that is happening now will make sense. And you will understand what you need to be ready to do.

You are normal, and therefore a heretic. You refuse to bow to their idols, to subscribe to their twisted catechisms, to praise their false gods. This is unforgivable. You must burn.

Crazy talk? Just ask them. Go ahead. Go on social media. Find a leftist – it’s easy. Just say something positive about America or Jesus and they’ll come swarming like locusts. Engage them and very quickly they will drop their masks and tell you what they really think. I know. I keep a rapidly expanding file of Twitter leftist death wish screenshots.

They will tell you that Christians are idiots and vets are scum.

That normals are subhumans whose role is to labor as serfs to subsidize the progressive elite and its clients.

That you should die to make way for the New Progressive Man/Woman/Other.

Understand that when they call Donald Trump “illegitimate,” what they are really saying is that our desire to govern ourselves is illegitimate. Their beef isn’t with him – it’s with us, the normal people who dared rise up and demand their right to participate in the rule of this country and this culture.

They hate you, because by defying them you have prevented them from living up to the dictates of their false religion. Our rebelliousness has denied them the state of grace they seek, exercising their divine right to dictate every aspect of our puny lives. Their sick faith gives meaning to these secular weirdos, giving them something that fills their empty lives with a messianic fervor to go out and conquer and convert the heathens.

And the heathens are us.

Read the whole thing here.  You won’t regret it, because it will help you understand what we’re against and how we must RESIST their resistance.

Image Credit: WikiCommons

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  • DeJa ✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

    I read a book called Time of Troubles by Got’e, a journal the author kept from 1917-1922 during the Russian revolution. A history professor at Moscow University, he had an interesting story to tell which, very chillingly, includes many parallels to our times today. Fortunately unlike post Tsarist Russia, the USA still has a party with large popular support that is opposed to all sorts of the commie B.S. in our country. Superdelegates? How can you be a Dem and not squirm at that standing insult?

    Got’e was a patriot of Russia and eventually looks to the Bolsheviks to save what is left of the state. I would even offer that getting rid of the Tsar was the best thing that ever happened to Russia. But by 1922 all opposition to bolshevism was killed or had gone missing. His is one of the few unofficial primary sources from that era and while it has its issues one cannot objectively read it and not be deeply disturbed by how much modern progressives have in common with the reds during the revolution. Even the language and talking points they use are similar, and the journalism of the day full of fake news and a leftward chorus of yes-men!

  • Atheists are the same way when you talk to them about God. I’ve posted on a couple of their facebook pages and they get angry while mocking and laughing at you and God!

  • Dale

    Visceral hatred? Read the Breitbart combox.

  • laughing tyger

    They’re not resisting … they’re revolting. As Mel Brooks would say, “They stink on ice.”

  • Unhiddenness

    that’s a nice hat…for a clown…to wear to the circus…idiot