A liberal talking point about the way black people view crime was just demolished by a Yale prof

A liberal talking point about the way black people view crime was just demolished by a Yale prof May 5, 2017


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Looks like at least some liberals are waking up.  When I hear lefty politicians spreading the myth of black incarceration, it doesn’t resonate with my experience on the street, on the job.  Their “soft-on-crime” philosophies sound nice and sweet, coming from the comfort of their television studios.  But do you know what I hear from black people whose communities are riddled with bullets?  “Please enforce the law! Please get tougher on these criminals.”

Surprised?  Probably not, if you’re reading this blog. I actually wrote about this in my book, Cop Under Fire: Moving Beyond Hashtags of Race, Crime and Politics for a Better America. But it takes Democrats a little longer to figure things out… probably due to the fact that these elitists don’t live in these crime ravaged neighborhoods and their children don’t have to dodge the crossfire of bullets from a shootout as they play in front of their homes. Thankfully, there’s a new book out by a Yale Professor which might help them understand this reality.

The Washington Post reports that many large cities with huge black populations elect black politicians who are tough on crime.  How can that happen, if black people are so upset about the number of black people in jails, they wonder:

Why did so many black voters and leaders endorse crime crackdowns when they knew that many of the people who would be arrested and incarcerated would be black? Scholars such as Forman and Michael Javen Fortner, author of the 2015 book Black Silent Majority, offer multiple, nuanced explanations, but a key one will resonate with anyone who has ever experienced crime up close: African Americans were sick of being victimized. In 1975, 85 percent of people killed by guns in D.C. were African American (So too were 85 percent of the killers). Even in today’s lower crime environment, victims are disproportionately black.

Right.  So, it took a book by a Yale professor to tell libs that their soft-on-crime rhetoric actually hurts black people.

Are American liberals so heartless that they can’t see the harm they are doing to good honest law abiding black folks?

Please stop helping us.

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