The real reason why I call Hillary Clinton “Mrs. Bill Clinton”

The real reason why I call Hillary Clinton “Mrs. Bill Clinton” November 2, 2016

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I appeared on television recently with Fox liberal analyst Julie Roginsky.

During the interview, she took umbrage at the fact that I refuse to call Hillary anything other than “Mrs. Bill Clinton.”

“She’s not Mrs. Bill Clinton,”Roginsky said.  “She happens to be Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is her own person running as an individual. She’s a former Senator, she is a [former] Secretary of State. She’s not “Mrs. Bill Clinton…”

But I told her that it wasn’t my job to lay out her resume for the American people.

Here’s the truth of it.  Everyone knows that her marriage to Bill Clinton in one of convenience. Politically, she has benefitted by using his name, as First Lady of Arkansas, as First Lady of the United States, as a carpet bagging Senator of New York.

Bill has carried her politically; she launched her political career using his name for political advantage.


It worked.

Had she not been married to Bill Clinton, she wouldn’t even be able to have been elected dog catcher.

She knows it. That’s why she protected his reputation when so many women claimed Bill assaulted them. (Or at least in one case, raped her.)  She knew how valuable that name would be to her down the road, so she didn’t hesitate to trash their reputations and—consequently—lives. In her 2016 campaign for President, she used his name and even said he’d be in charge of fixing the economy.

Now, I will make her own that name.

I don’t care what feminists try to say: she is NOT a self-made woman.  She got where she is by attaching herself to her husband.

Watch the Fox video by clicking CONTINUE below:

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  • alaskatime

    The best! Keep the blue protected sir. There is a reason you remain the Sheriff.

    • Gunsmith

      Don’t you just love the paranoid lefty’s, all suffering from TARD! They have to go on and on and still no one agrees with them. If they love being “given” everything, and want the communist way of life fine, go to the communist country of your choice, one way, and enjoy life. Sucks doesn’t it Steven?

  • Draw

    Sheriff David Clarke refuses to play the game! …..winning!!!

  • AN

    before long she will be inmate clinton666

    • Steven Schwartz

      If there’s justice, it’ll be people like Trump and Clarke, Jr. here in cells way before Clinton. After all, Trump’s actually been proven to be a repeated fraud, and Clarke, Jr. is calling for taking up arms against duly elected public officials — the same thing he decries when the “arms” are protest signs and the public officials are law enforcement.

      • DeJa ✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

        David Clarke in prison, don’t you wish. That’s one way to give him the biggest megaphone ever. Wow they would reap the whirlwind.

        The amusing part is how many elitists think just like you.

        Meanwhile, if Hillary goes to prison? My expectation: a bunch of whining and a barely concealed inner defeat among her supporters.

        • Steven Schwartz

          “David Clarke in prison, don’t you wish.”

          If BLM activists did what he did, he’d want them in prison, I’m sure. Instead, he just lies about them and gets on the national media.

          I hope he does take up his torch and pitchfork, and get himself arrested and thrown in jail as he deserves. Otherwise, he’ll just be shown up as an empty suit wearing a hat and a badge, which seems most likely.

      • AN

        would love to see that proof.

  • Vicky DaMota

    I knew before you said, that is why we love you! I just loved watching her face when you said it. I remember when actually it was a sign of respect and love but then again, we are speaking of Bill Clinton.

  • fairNtrue


    If you want people to respect you, don’t demand it – EARN IT. HRC is hardly George Washington.

    HRC, if so competent as you said, can speak for herself. Why did you appoint yourself her Name Enforcer?

    I don’t think you’ve been crowned the Queen of Fox.

    There was NO REASON to take over the conversion. No reason to be rude to the Sheriff. An elegant person would discuss it privately with the him rather than attack him out of the blue on air. I promise you didn’t make an ally that day.

    But what he really did wrong, was to make a logical argument to which you had no response. Even worse he is not known to cower or bow to any PC control freak in the room.

    But I see what you did. Right out of Alinsky. You didn’t like the answer so you went straight distraction, diversion, red herring. Why?

    Sheriff Clark speaks his mind to both MEN and WOMEN equally. If you can’t handle that, go to a safer place.

    I promise, if you pulled that in the corporate world, the real business decision, risk/return Fortune 500 world, it would be your last conversation.

    Well, that’s a bit of input from a viewer. I used to have Fox turned on through-out the day. That’s a free focus-group if you are open to it.

    >> You have a lot to offer Julie. Just chill a little. Sometimes sitting back quietly is as POWERFUL as pouncing.

    Thanks for listening, A. L. Lougheed

    • Murray100

      “Chill a little, sit back quietly…” Never gonna happen with Lefty PC feminists.

      The Sheriff’s rationale for addressing HRC as Mrs. Bill Clinton is ballsy and right on the mark.

  • Frank Bigelow

    Does Julie Roginsky ever smile, what a wet blanket like all liberal women.

  • Steven Schwartz

    So, if we’re entitled to call people by what we think they deserve to be called, rather than what they’ve earned through service, you wouldn’t mind if I called you Traitor David Clarke, Jr.?

    Since certainly if Secretary/Senator Clinton doesn’t deserve to be called by those titles, you don’t deserve to be called by yours, as a law “enforcement” officer who’s called for illegal actions on behalf of your chosen political viewpoint.

    • DeJa ✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

      For once I’m going to have to disagree with Clarke and not call her Mrs. Bill Clinton. I prefer Mrs. Clinton the Inmate.

      • Steven Schwartz

        Well, considering she’s not in jail, or anywhere near going to jail, unless put there illegally by a fascist, you can call her that all you like, but it’ll just mark you out as an idiot.

        • Cynthia

          How do you know she’s not going to jail? She put herself in the position she’s in.

          • Steven Schwartz

            Because the Justice Department has already made it clear they’re not charging her around any of the email nonsense, the multiple Congressional Benghazi investigations went nowhere, there’s a lot of rumor and no evidence around any pay-for-play scandal; there’s nothing *there* that would send her to jail.

            (Unlike Trump, with repeated criminal fraud, charity fraud, possible tax fraud — well, possibly *convictable* tax fraud; we know he at the very least took some very dubious loopholes, and all the rest.)

            So that’s how I know. It’s not like there haven’t been people baying for her to go to jail since the mid-90s, but they’ve somehow never managed to get anyone willing to properly indict, let alone convict.

            So, the only thing that would put her in jail is raw political power aimed directly at her; see above in re “Illegally by a fascist”.

          • pubplatform

            the DOJ is paid off, why the hell do you think loretta lynch got the job.. she is under investigation right now for possible corruption

            you hill bots are completely divorced from reality

            rumor? you’re COMPLETELY DELUSIONAL

            clinton herself has 2 ACTIVE FBI investigations going on right now, she should already be in jail for lying under oath, deleting court evidence and gross negligence but loretta lynch didn’t do her job.. and thats IGNORING the investigation into corruption/RICO re the clinton foundation

          • Steven Schwartz

            “the DOJ is paid off, why the hell do you think loretta lynch got the job.. she is under investigation right now for possible corruption”

            And, of course, the multiple Republican congressional committees that have investigated her and found nothing were also paid off?

            “rumor? you’re COMPLETELY DELUSIONAL”

            Rumor. No one has come forward with any real evidence; they’ve come forward with “person X gave Y, and down the line something happened” — with no evidence of any causal link. And that’s the *best* they’ve got.

            “clinton herself has 2 ACTIVE FBI investigations going on right now”

            The FBI usually does not comment on such; if that is even true, the fact that you’re mentioning it means that they’re likely just as politically motivated as you claim the DoJ to be. (I do find it amusing that to people like you anyone investigating Clinton is obviously doing it for honest reasons, while anyone exonerating her is paid off — perhaps you should consider what this says about your thinking.)

            After all, there were many “investigations” into, say, Obama’s birth certificate that found — guess what? — that he was born in the U.S.. But people kept “investigating” when it was clear what was to be found.

            Just try, for once, considering the possibility that maybe the reason she hasn’t been indicted — let alone convicted — is that she isn’t guilty of a crime.

          • DeJa ✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

            Nixon got canned for deleting 18 minutes of audio. Comey acknowledges Clinton deleted 33,000 emails after getting a subpoena then says they had to find as many of those e-mails as they could. They didn’t find them all and yet…
            So, Steven Schwartz. What planet are you living on?

          • Steven Schwartz

            Nixon was impeached based on the evidence in all the *other* tapes that weren’t erased; the erasure certainly didn’t help his case, but there was ample evidence everywhere else to impeach him.

            I presume, BTW, that you also want to lock up many people from the Bush White House, who deleted/elected “not to save” *millions* of emails?

            Or is it only Democrats who get to be relentlessly investigated and smeared by the FBI?

          • DeJa ✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

            You know, I used to like Bush, but seeing how his family revolts against Trump has made me question more. It’s time to take the country back.

          • Steven Schwartz

            “It’s time to take the country back.”

            Back to when? Or “back” from whom? I am honestly curious, since it’s not as if there was some golden era free from corruption; but back to when/from whom?

        • drbeatdb90

          It’s not fascism. It’s called ‘circle the wagons’ and ‘turn your head the other way’. That’s why she’s not in jail.

  • This “article” is oozing with sexism…and typos.

    • Cynthia

      Really, this is all you have to add

    • pubplatform

      actually this article makes complete sense

      its a political marriage, it’s well established that hillary is a lesbian, overtly so in college… it also explains why she defended bill reputation and went after rape victims to preseve it

      fact is hillary doesn’t care about women, victims or anything but herself, she is a full on sociopath who constantly projects everything onto her enemies, it’s painfully obvious to anyone paying attention

    • Oh look, I pointed out typos in a sexist article and someone decided to reply back with a sexist slur they couldn’t spell.

  • Rick Newbery

    ‘Everybody knows….’ Oh, must be true then.

  • Sue Roesner

    Best humor piece I’ve read all day. Thanks for the comic relief!

  • Jenn Bias

    I can’t stand Roginsky, she makes my skin crawl. She sits on FNC making all of her asinine comments with a smart-ass smirk that makes you want to smack her. I totally agree with Sheriff Clarke, Mrs. Bill Clinton would have been a conceited self absorbed nobody without her husband. She latched onto him and rode all the way to the White House then failed to get there on her own!

  • sherri


  • Frisco1522

    Hillary Rotten Crotch

  • It’s sad to know that people like you exist. Hopefully karma will get you soon.

  • nbdawg1950

    Julie What’s Her Name is a typical whining, sniveling Liberal. Get over it Julie and get a real job. Obviously, you and the other so-called Liberal strategists did an absolutely piss-poor job, or Mrs. Bill Clinton would have been elected President. And, Thank God she is not.

  • BK

    Congratulations on your newest addition NBC…Megyn’s just another shallow wanna-be celebrity-meme-maker-in training who thinks that the news of the day comes from her.

    Thank you, Fox, for giving her the gate. your stock just went up