Sweden took 162,000 refugees last year – guess how many got jobs?

Sweden took 162,000 refugees last year – guess how many got jobs? February 1, 2017

Democrats want us to believe that desperate refugees are leaving their war-torn countries and are only in search of a better life but it appears that most of them are just looking for a free ride — very familiar territory for Democrats.

So, in the liberal utopia that leftists are pining for, the United States should open up our homes and allow strangers to flood in so we can be their great savior and give them the chance to be the upstanding citizens they desire to be. After all, wasn’t America built on the backs of immigrants, their argument goes? But let’s take a look at how that’s working out in other parts of the world.

Take Sweden for instance; a country that took in a lot of refugees in 2015 — 162,000. According to government figures, only 494 “asylum seekers” were able to land a job. There are several reasons why that number is so low. As The Daily Caller notes, refugees are eligible to work as long as they have a valid ID and have never been rejected for asylum from another country. However, Sweden’s migration office couldn’t keep up with the high demand of migrants coming in and could only issue so many work permits. Those who couldn’t get work are now in the system and using up precious resources they don’t pay for.

The Swedish immigration office stated, “There was an incredible amount of people who applied for asylum in Sweden, and for us to be able to register everyone we had to disregard certain areas, and employment was one of them. We do what we’ve been told to do.”

Now, they’re looking at changing existing law to accommodate the influx and force migrants into jobs. This is the case all across Europe. Germany, too, had to do the same last year so that migrants could find work and created “one-euro jobs” where refugees worked for less than $3 per hour.

Is that we want for America? Tens of thousands of refugees using millions of dollars of taxpayer money to survive in a system that can’t employ them all?

Compassion can never trump reality. For the very few who actually get on their feet and make something in America for their family, a thousand others will get lost in the system and live off the government dole — and then become Democratic voters. Perhaps that’s been the plan all along.

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  • go4it

    Just Google for “Cloward-Piven strategy” and learn …….

  • J.E.Walker

    Hate to see these stable countries destroyed… but it seems to be what they want or wouldn’t they vote their politicians out?

    • 4th Gen SF

      Swedish Democrats are coming in, TG. They are Trump-Sweden.

  • Peter

    The number of refugees taken in by Sweden was NOT 162,000. That was the number of APPLICATIONS. See se/English/About-the-Migration-Agency/Facts-and-statistics-/Statistics.html

    The number taken in was about 117,000. See

    If the number taken in was wrong what about the number who got jobs? I can’t find any stats. Maybe there are not any. Maybe the number was made up. Certain the misrepresentation of stats does not give me hope.

    • CatoYounger

      Well, you just take in a bunch in your house and that will help solve the problem.

    • 4th Gen SF

      And still, even with just 117k Sweden is still the rape capital of Europe.

  • Peter
  • JDW

    Jay Leno, a Democrat — but honest entertainer — called it a long time ago: those the Left wants to allow into this country are not ILLEGAL ALIENS or REFUJIHADIS, they’re UNREGISTERED DEMOCRATS.

  • DJ

    If not being rejected by another country for asylum is a prerequisite for being eligible for work, none of them are eligible. They were all rejected by every country between Sweden and wherever they came onto the continent.

  • DerangedMuppet

    so free their country up, wipe out isis, then send all these ungrateful P’s.O.S back to where they came from. Problem solved!

  • HouseofPain

    Wow, if you ever wanted to know “How NOT to handle Refugees”, just pay attention to Sweden, Germany, France and so on. How sad for them.

  • Google the author of this “article”. He’s no friend to Patheos.

  • Halbe

    Since more or less none of the refugees that came to Sweden in 2016 have gotten a work permit yet this is not very surprising…

    A more interesting question is: How many terrorist attacks have happened in Sweden in 2016? And how many people died as a result of these attacks? The answer to both is of course: Zero.

  • chris m 73 (hawk eye)

    im not suprised! it like that her in the us too! that dem leard on a board stold up and fess up in cali that he and his faimly came illegaly and have fake ss # /cards and birth certifects! and then you have to wounder well if their illegal and have a i d or drivers liesens , then cant they brake the law and just say hey, im not from x, and use the system both ways, get a benifits and work under the table at the same time and vote to make laws! right! or just not work collect beifites and be so called “illegal / migrants! ” hey thank potato head!