Grandfather of burglar says it’s not ‘fair’ to defend home with an AR-15; here’s my response

Grandfather of burglar says it’s not ‘fair’ to defend home with an AR-15; here’s my response April 17, 2017


Recently, three criminals were shot and killed during a home invasion robbery and now the grandfather of one of the suspects is complaining that it wasn’t a “fair fight.”

Maxwell Cook, 19, Jacob Redfearn, 17, and Jaycob Woodruff, 16, broke into a home in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The owners were not at home, but their 23-year-old son, Zachary Peters, was and he grabbed his AR-15 the second he heard the commotion. He defended his life and his parents’ property by shooting all three boys once in the chest. Police have said it is a clear-cut case of self defense.

However, Redfearns’s grandfather, Leroy Schumacher, disagrees with that conclusion:

“What these three boys did was stupid. They knew they could be punished for it but they did not deserve to die.

“Brass knuckles against an AR-15? Come on, who was afraid for their life? There’s got to be a limit to that law. I mean he shot all three of them. There was no need for that.”

He says it’s not fair?  Fair is a place where they award blue ribbons to hogs and Holsteins.

If you are in my house un-invited as in a burglary, the owner (me) doesn’t have to look for “fair.” I have to look for my firearm… hopefully the one with the highest caliber is nearby.

This is the best deterrent. I don’t care what the perp comes in with.

Brass knuckle are for hand to hand combat. As a home owner I want rifle-to-burglar combat.

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  • Jim Mason

    “Fair” would be them not being in his home in the first place.

    If someone comes into my home to rob me, how do I know if they will only give me a bloody lip or beat me to death horribly? Why is it my responsibility to find that out?

    I have an infant daughter. If you break into my home and I am there, I am not waiting for anything. I am getting my weapon and making 100% sure, to the best of my ability, that you can’t harm her or myself.

    You put yourself in the position to be killed by breaking into another persons home with malicious intent. How you end up from that decision is completely on you.

    You don’t want to get killed? Don’t break into homes that are not your own.

    • suMarieB

      I agree. My home belongs to me. Your rights end where my property begins.

  • bonniez45

    Where was fairness to homeowner why is it ok for u to ask such a question the question should be why the young man did it and what could his community coyld ha e been doing to prevent it

  • Texas Tornado

    I am glad that these three scum were eliminated from the gene pool. Zachary, nice job. The best gun control is when you use both hands.

  • Bear Klein

    Idiots got killed because they broke into someones home. Once this happens, one is in reasonable fear of his life. Three of them they could have killed the homeowner with their bare hands or brass knuckles.

    Moral of the story do not break into peoples homes.

  • John Smith

    Does not matter if you have nothing in your hand. You break in my home and you are dead if I can get to one of my weapons 1st. If you do not have one and I kill you you will have a knife in your hand by the time the police get here

    • Katrina

      Just a guess on my part, but planting evidence could get you in more trouble than just being honest.

    • me notyou

      Yeah, don’t plant a knife. Just be sure when you explain it to the police and DA, you let them know beyond a shadow of doubt that you’d be dead if you didn’t protect yourself.

      Even if the guy was unarmed. You still have plenty of weapons he could have grabbed: Kitchen knives, tools, anything solid that could bash your head in.

    • Kathleen

      I like the gun laws here in Oklahoma. You try breaking into my house, and I’ll shoot you dead. No longer do we have to drag the body inside, saving us old folks with bad backs. The perp does have to be on your property, though.

      One little old lady chased the perp away and ran after him down the street, shooting many, many rounds. The cops originally confiscated the gun, but she got it back with no charges filed against her. Thankfully, there was one less thug to ever deal with. They did have extensive coverage about this, explaining that the thug has to be killed on your property…not running down the street. Brad Henry, who was our governor at the time, had to change the gun laws because his mom and grandma always packed heat no matter where they were.

  • Joseph Vanchieri

    I can understand why this grandfather is saying what he said. The emotion for his loss is clouding his opinion. Three against one is definitely enough to make you fear for your life. Even with one person breaking into your house. I’m sure the kid who shot them feels bad but these criminals caused this not the one who defended his property and life. What would’ve saved these guys lives was better life choices. I feel for the loved ones of these criminals but I pray for the one that shot them. He’s going to have to live with the fact he killed three people. Brass knuckles are definitely deadly weapons.

    • Katrina

      My exact thoughts. The grandfather said he believe in 2A. He is speaking through his grief. It doesn’t sound like these teens had criminal histories. They listened to the get away driver who planned it. I am unable to state my feelings toward her on a public forum. She should spend the rest of her life in prison.

      • Blackski

        I disagree. She should forfeit her right to breath. In fact, she should already be in the ground.

        • me notyou

          I don’t know the law in OK, but many States have a law that if you’re involved in a crime and anyone gets killed, even one of your fellow thugs, you’re up for first degree murder.

          • Tim Stolinski

            Another story said she was arrested for Murder because of being involved!

          • Kathleen

            She’s been charged with 3 counts of murder, and, here in Oklahoma this makes her very eligible for the death penalty. But, I doubt that she’ll get that, but I doubt that she’ll ever walk the streets again either–I believe that she will probably die in prison, either by her own hand, another inmate, or simply old age. If I were to be selected for this jury duty, I don’t think the death penalty is warranted. Life in prison w/o parole, yes…death, no.

            I totally agreed with the death penalty sentencing given to the young man who lured a pretty young child into his home nearby, where he raped, tortured, killed, and dismembered the little girl. He was caught just before he planned to cook and eat her body.

            While I wouldn’t give a death penalty verdict in the other case, I do think the woman should be offered a choice between death or spending every minute of the remainder of her life in prison.

          • Blackski

            I dunno.. I just think our prison population is bloated and people just don’t fear prison anymore. Especially repeat offenders. If we used the death penalty a lot more our prison expenses would go down and people would fear the consequences of crime more. The way it is people just resign themselves to prison life and they don’t have to worry about providing for themselves and I think a lot of criminals just become comfortable with prison life. I think anytime someone is convicted of homicide with intent it should be automatic death penalty. And when guilt is not in doubt the sentence should be carried out immediately. Dylan Roof comes to mind, and there are many others like him. Why is that creep still alive?? he should be dead. This is how you educate a population on the consequences of crime. But the way it is, and most likely will continue to be, crime rates will continue to rise and repeat offenders will continue their lives of crime

        • Katrina

          I really cannot disagree. Sounds like she lied to the guys about being pregnant and planned the heist because she and the invented “child” needed the money. Then after one got shot and ran to her car, she drove away leaving him to die. She also has kids (2-3?), but no husband or ex-husband. A complete degenerate. No sympathy deserved for no conscience, How do you rehab a rabid animal? I don’t believe you can. Put them down as humanly as possible.
          Rehome the kids. They are additional victims.
          I cannot imagine the grief of the families of these dead teens. Doesn’t sound like they were criminal types. Only influenced by pure evil.
          My deepest prayers are for the young man defending himself and his home. This will be a difficult thing for him to live with. The difference between having a conscience and the getaway driver, who seems to have none.

    • me notyou

      You’re too kind.

      I, for one, would like to put my foot up granddad’s as&shys . . . again and again, until he could convince me he was being a fool and wrong.

  • gminsane✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    the fact this is even a conversation in the first place speaks to the selfish irresponsible attitudes of people.
    Was it fair to the home owner’s son that those three broke into the house?
    How is it the responsibility of the home owner’s son that those three did something stupid and illegal?

    And we’ve found a winner of the ‘crowbar award’

  • PJParks

    Fair fight? What is that?

  • Lovebirds <3

    I’m too old to fight fair

  • me notyou

    Brass knuckles? WTF?!

    Do you know what brass knuckles will do to your face?

    And crime isn’t about a fair fight.

    Besides that, even when two men decide they want to fight, it’s never fair. One is bigger. One wants it more. One can take more punishment. IT’S NEVER A FAIR FIGHT!

    And THREE on ONE? And the three have brass knuckles? THAT’S a fair fight?

    That grandfather is brain damaged.

    • Bonkhaus

      “Brass knuckles against an AR-15′
      If any one of the 3 people had gotten within an arms reach of the kid, the AR-15 would have become useless.

  • George (Groc) Perez

    Was it fair to put the son in the position of having to defend his elderly father and himself in the first place? They got exactly what they deserved, as far as the grandfather is concerned, oh well.

  • Bonkhaus

    You are right, it was not a fair fight. If you break into my house, I will make sure it is also not a fair fight.

  • Daniel Mazzanti

    How was the guy supposed to know what the intruders had on them in the first place? They broke into his home and he could not assume what they did or did not have on them. Alone, outnumbered, surprised, and probably fearing for his life, he took reasonable action.

  • G Farqhuar

    Shoot the Grandfather as well

  • Thom Frost

    And what were the kids going to do with brass knuckles?
    You break into someone’s home you should expect consequences. The grandfather seems to be concerned that it was a AR-15. Would he have the same objection if it was a 45 or a 9mm? These kids were totally in the wrong and the parents should had taught them better. Sad that the kids lost their lives and the families have to go through this, but in the end the only ones in the wrong here were the kids. If you want something get a fricken job, work and earn it.
    Why is it that everyone feels the need to blame someone else for their bad choice?
    Ok what if the guy didn’t have a AR-15 or another gun and confronted these kids, more then likely the kids would had used the brass knuckles on the guy.
    Grandpa the kids were in the wrong period. Take your anger out on them for being stupid and not the guy that protected his home.
    Again sorry for your loss but it was their fault 100%.

  • The fact is three individuals broke into a home with bad intent, It makes no difference what firearm used to defend. While I might choose a shotgun, it is moot. Someone with malice and weapons decided to break the law. Game Set Match.

    • KrisZiegler

      Fools like this made me buy my M&P .380 and I carry it everywhere. My co-workers don’t know I carry and I don’t care. Nobody is going to threaten my life. Period.

  • beniyyar

    Given the stupidity of their grandfather it’s wonder to me how these three assholes managed to reach teen age. Surely being as stupid as Leroy should have gotten them killed years earlier.

  • me notyou

    Oh, I get it now.

    Granddad can’t figure out how to cash in.

    Hence, the ‘fair fight’ nonsense.

  • Tim Stolinski

    “What these three boys did was stupid. They knew they could be punished for it”
    And they were, end of story!

    Only 2 “boys” were shot the other was a man and at 16 and 17 they would have been tried as adults if they had killed the homeowner!

    If the grandfather does not like the outcome, he should have taught them better than to break into people’s house or that stealing is wrong and it will get you killed! What if one of the 3 boys would have found the rifle first and shot the homeowner then would that have been fair????

  • HoosiersRock

    Amen to most of the comments below.
    Good riddance – guess these punk ass thugs attempted to victimize the wrong house – the world is a little better place now.

  • BlessedtoServe

    when you break laws, you threw out fair…end of discussion

    • David E Brown


  • watching_rome_burn

    When three men break into my home be very certain that I am not going to hesitate to see if one of them pulls a handgun from their jacket or waistband and tries to get off the first shot — I’ll shoot first if at all possible. Furthermore, I am amazed he only shot them once each and think he showed remarkable restraint there. I would probably be so terrified that I would keep firing until I was out of ammo or nothing moved for a while.

  • skynet0225

    Grandpa actually let the word “fair” fall out of his mouth? Pondering on that for awhile, I was left with a couple of questions for him.

    First, was your grandkid thinking about “fair” when he forcefully made entry into elderly people’s home with TWO friends? Did the thug with the brass knuckles consider for even a second whether or not it was “fair” for him to hit someone with them in his hand? Speaking of, was he planning on using his weapon? Seems “fair” to presume that he was willing to use them, otherwise why bring them? Did any of them stop to consider whether it was “fair” for them to steal the property of other people who worked hard for their belongings?

    Fair? The shooter placed one round center mass in rapid succession in an effort to get lead in each one before they could get to him? Did he even have the necessary milliseconds required to ponder the “fairness” of the circumstances imposed upon him? I wonder? Did he think it was “fair” to be in his parents home, minding his own business, only to be instantaneously faced with the prospect of loosing his life through no fault of his own?

    Now after the fact, is it “fair” for some jackass to question and second guess the actions he took to preserve his own life?

    I wonder if said jackass considers the prospect of being sued for slander “fair”? Is it “fair” for grandpa to have to bury his grandson? I can’t say, but I would suggest he ask two of the people partially responsible for the grandson’s death if it’s”fair” or not. They’re called parents, and he may also consider asking them if they think it’s “fair” that they could be held liable for their minor son’s actions.

    I will tell grandpa this; If I were placed in the shooter’s position and had to live with such killings being imposed on me, the sheer terror of a few seconds of devastating violence when I did no one a wrong turn, I wouldn’t ask him what he thought was “fair” when I filed suit against him, because I wouldn’t give a damn what he thought was “fair”.

  • TroyGale

    No Gramps,
    Fair would have been this young man not having the deaths of 3 people on his conscience for the rest of his life. Some folks are troubled by that kind of moral weight.

  • amonghaters

    you failed your grandson, so you place blame on the person your grandson terrorized by breaking in. Accountability should have been taught in the house….

  • Gadfly156

    Not fair? I’ll tell you what’s not FAIR, old man — it’s not FAIR that hard-working people have to put up with garbage like those three useless pieces of shit breaking in where they are neither wanted nor invited and trying to steal for themselves what it takes honest citizens months, sometimes years, of actual WORK to EARN the cash to PURCHASE for THEMSELVES and their families to enjoy. What’s not FAIR is that this useless, stupid garbage can VIOLATE the boundaries of another person, couple, or family’s privacy and safety AT ALL in the FIRST place AND ostensibly get away with it for not having had 18 birthdays yet even though they are well old enough to know right from wrong. What’s not FAIR is that ANYONE doing what is their RIGHT to do — defend their home, property and loved ones from SCUM like this which does not DESERVE to steal the air the rest of us breathe — should have to listen to stupid asinine complaints from the likes of some old coot who clearly couldn’t be bothered to raise his kids well enough that they could raise theirs well enough to know you don’t break into other people’s homes or take other people’s things, ever, period, end of story, no exceptions, ever, shut up now. THAT is what is not “fair” you dumb ass!!!

  • Enutil

    Excuse me Mr. Burlgar, do you have a gun or brass knuckles? Please don’t be angry, I just want to know if using my AR-15 against you would be fair. If you have a knife, would my rifle be fair to use against you or do I just need to use a pistol? You don’t know too? Maybe we should call your gandpa and ask. Better yet, tell him to come over.

  • YoJoLo

    It’s really unfortunate Grandpa lost someone he loved and I’m sure he’s devastated but grandson was a criminal. They had brass knuckles and a knife and wouldn’t have brought them unless they had planned to use them. The intent was clear. They wanted to outnumber the occupants and were ready to commit violence if needed. They showed up in overwhelming force and the homeowner had no way of knowing they weren’t more fully armed. They were young but old enough to know right from wrong and they got nothing less than what they deserved.

  • Sir_Tanly

    Your grandson died of a single bullet wound to the chest. Quickly. Cleanly. Not at all the sort of death he was bringing those old people … people your age. He was going to beat them to death, cut them, perhaps even burn them alive.

    And all he got was a single bullet and it was, in moments, over.

    We didn’t deserve this shitt. The world doesn’t deserve this shitt. You deserve everything that happened. Your family earned that coffin … it was a three-generation effort.