April 11, 2022

"My truth" is simply a substitute self-righteousness that disregards the wisdom of the ages, the gathered knowledge of the experience of others, and the loving fellowship of close friends and family who might see the situation with clarity. Read more

March 9, 2022

When the Soviet block began to fold, one nation at a time, the Estonians didn’t gather angry dock workers, freedom fighters, or disaffected military leaders. Instead, they gathered to sing. For five years they sang songs — the banned songs. Read more

February 21, 2022

There are 380,000 evangelical churches in America with 90 million members. It’s intellectually dishonest to take the actions of the fringe and link them to the entire Evangelical population. Read more

January 26, 2022

It's that nostalgia for places I have never traveled. It's the love affair of Someone that I've never seen. It's the longing for the wanderlust. A little mystery is good for the soul. Read more

January 17, 2022

I've been behind some big ideas -- only to see them flame out. The great vision was fantastic, and there was plenty of excitement. It’s new. It’s different.  But I have found that I constantly stoke the coals and add new fuel, the fire will die. Read more

January 12, 2022

There is no perfect solution to our circumstances.  Not in freedom from rules nor can it be found in the rules. Grace is the true greater moral good, giving us the ability to show compassion, to lead with kindness, and to seek to understand those around us. Read more

December 16, 2021

The story of Mary and Joseph looking for a place to rest on the Holy Night has been retold in  nearly every culture and language.  The King and Savior of the world wasn’t born in a castle, but in the lowest of circumstances. He would die in the same manner. We went to a traditional Las Posadas festival. Celebrated throughout Mexico it gives a unique cultural twist on the familiar story.  It’s a celebration that dates back to 1587. The... Read more

November 23, 2021

This last year hasn't been easy for anyone. We've lost friends and family, victims of a silent killer. The empty chair at the table. The empty closet. The silent walls. We've also lost friends and family to the strife of division. Mentally, we know that loss is a necessary ingredient in life, a cruel cosmic offset to every gain. Read more

November 8, 2021

In the face of a world that loves sin, that hates the idea of a holy God who commands repentance, and which has no place for an exclusive path to salvation, it is no wonder that our savior was murdered, and that his people everywhere are slandered, maligned, threatened, and even killed for preaching his message. Read more

October 18, 2021

There is a reason authoritarians hate Christianity because we are an empowered people who answer to a Higher Call and are a threat to their own petty tyrant rule. They despise people who are given a free choice and are encouraged to think and to act according to their conscience. We need to stand for righteousness, to oppose evil, and to never give in to the Lies of the Age. Read more

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