February 3, 2019

Why contemplative music is still important, What we can learn from history, How can good art inspire others and more in this exclusive interview with two musical giants Read more

February 1, 2019

Phil Keaggy and Jeff Johnson collaborate on a stunning instrumental album. Deriving inspiration from Cappadocia, the Turkish World Heritage site that once housed Christians escaping Roman persecution, the album is contemplative in sound and simplicity. Even the hooks are velvet lined. The album is meant to work slowly, weaving its way into the heart and mind. Read more

January 28, 2019

Larry Walters has been called plenty of names for his stunt, floating across Los Angeles flight paths in his homemade floating craft consisting of 45 weather balloons tied to a lawn chair. But he was living out a lifetime dream of flying. Living a Life of Yes means you’ll be called a fool. I call you a hero. Read more

January 14, 2019

Do you ever think your efforts aren’t making a difference? You’ve given your full energy to a cause, a passion, a relationship. You’ve poured your heart and soul and mind and just aren’t having an impact? I’ve got good news. Read more

December 30, 2018

If you start Living a Life of Yes, you’ll realize what an amazing, diverse world this is. You’ll expand your mind, exercising the risk muscle that only gets stronger and wiser. You’ll be fresh, full of new perspective and insight. It has start somewhere, sometime. So why not now? Make this year a year of “yes!” Read more

December 22, 2018

The Movie Elf  has established itself as a modern Christmas classic movie. It shows the innocent antics of a human baby who grows up in the elf-dominated world of the North Pole. Buddy the Elf is totally oblivious to the fact that he is five times the size of the average elf. He later finds himself in transported to New York City, the body of a full-grown man but with the child-like wonder of an Elf. He is oblivious to… Read more

December 10, 2018

When you say “yes,” you’re not just impacting your life. You might also inspire someone else and they’ll be the one to do the great thing. Throughout history, it hasn’t always been great things that have changed hearts, but usually, it’s a bold action, a word spoken, a life lived. You never know… Read more

November 26, 2018

He employs the unemployable — the men who have a conviction and are in recovery — and gives them a chance. They separate mattresses, keeping them out of landfills and selling the material on the commodity market. Spring Back Colorado is building up lives by breaking down mattresses. A perfect union of social good, redemptive employment, and entrepreneurial pursuit. Read more

November 22, 2018

It almost seems the balance of life constantly has the fresh water pouring in, while the old  stale water dribbles over the edges. And for that, I’m grateful. I wonder if this Thanksgiving I’ll finally be able to give thanks for what is no longer mine, the minutes that have ticked out of my life, so I can appreciate the remains of the day. Read more

November 19, 2018

I counted One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Seven seconds is all he had. Seven seconds to speak truth. Seven seconds to convince. Seven seconds to speak a blessing. His name is Samuel Chambers, a well-dressed man who stands on the corner of Washington and State Street. He speaks with a slightly gravelly voice, talking to thousands every day. I met him while I was passing through Chicago this last fall.  On the busy sidewalk he stood, confidently speaking… Read more

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