August 13, 2018

Think about all the people who have been shouted down for having an unpopular thought. This addiction to outrage is sweeping our country, and really, it comes down to the elimination of free speech, free thought. And we should all stand for liberty — because we might be next. Read more

August 1, 2018

It’s not always easy. It’s not always pretty. But I’ll choose freedom any day. It’s something that God has put in the heart of every man and woman and we all yearn for it. That’s what we all are fighting for. Read more

July 17, 2018

Yes there is grief. Yes there is sadness. Yes there is inequity, and hatred, and persecution and pain, and unfaithfulness. But we are called to something greater. Shock the world with these thoughts. Read more

July 11, 2018

Did you every have shag carpeting, paneled walls, and floral wallpaper? Those were hot fashion trends then. So what makes us think that our trends in fashion and decorating will last into the next century, let alone the next decade. And while we are at it, what about our “fashionable” thinking and progressive ideas? Read more

July 2, 2018

There’s plenty of rancor in America today. Left vs. right. Extremes vs.  moderates. So treacherous are the positions and the language, some have predicted a coming Civil War – not between states, but between dogmas. This war won’t be about race or economics or states’ rights. It will be about ideology and power. And it seems that there is no innocent side in this. Conservatives, liberals and socialists all have the hair on the back of their neck up, ready to fight. Thank goodness some have realized the downward spiral and are calling for a stop. Read more

June 29, 2018

Hear this please. Smoking pot won’t send you to hell. But you are missing out on so much more. Jesus said this, “The thief comes to steal, and kill and destroy. But I have come that you may have life have it abundantly.” So there’s the choice. And with great love, it’s offered freely to you. Read more

June 26, 2018

I understand the need to find God’s will. But too many of us are sitting back and wasting our lives waiting. Take what you know what to do and do it. The rest will work itself out. Read more

June 17, 2018

I always get just a little uncomfortable when a politician uses a Bible verse to justify a policy position. The Bible is truth, but to take it and try to wrap political policy around it should be done carefully, very carefully. Both sides do it — and both sides should stop it. Read more

June 7, 2018

Identity politics is the game people play to pander to classes of people. But for the Christian, we have but one identity. And we better stick to it. When we are tempted to be categorized, we need to turn our backs on the modern game of choosing sides. And when the culture presses because we won’t engage, we’ll double down. “I’m with Him.” That’s our identity. That’s all we’ll ever need. Read more

June 4, 2018

If you are a photographer, you should be able to pick your subjects. If you are a writer, you should be able to write about your interests. If you are a florist, you should be able to name your specialty, all without having the “hate” and “intolerant” title thrown your way. Read more

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