Scores killed, cathedral heavily damaged in New Zealand quake

Scores killed, cathedral heavily damaged in New Zealand quake February 22, 2011

This is what is left of Christchurch Catholic Cathedral…


The mayor of New Zealand’s second-largest city, Christchurch, has declared a state of emergency in the aftermath of a 6.3-magnitude earthquake that rocked the “garden city” shortly before 1 p.m. local time on Tuesday.

Prime Minister John Key, who was raised in Christchurch, said that at least 65 people are known to have died in what “may well be New Zealand’s darkest day.”

The New Zealand earthquake is already the deadliest to strike the country in the past 80 years and the death toll is expected to rise. It’s the second major earthquake to hit Christchurch in five months, the first causing an estimated $3 billion in damages from multiple aftershock, but no deaths.

This time, rescue crews are mobilizing from around the country to assist in what will be a massive rescue and rebuilding effort. For now, though, authorities in the country’s capital, Wellington, are scrambling just to get information with the phone lines down and airports closed.

“There are people fighting for their lives at the moment, but there are also people fighting for them,” Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker told reporters as the first of more than 20 aftershocks to be recorded on the day began to be felt. “We’re preparing ourselves for what I think will be a really sad, bleak day for our city but be reassured everybody is doing what they can.”

Read more. And remember this country and her people in your prayers.

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13 responses to “Scores killed, cathedral heavily damaged in New Zealand quake”

  1. New Zealanders, Nick is spot on. Go to your cathedral ruins and pray with the help of the great St. Peter! I wonder if the people of Haiti had the wisdom to do similarly when this happened to their cathedral (unreported by news services, no surprise). We elsewhere will do the same for you and with you. Let us recall that the OT prophets always saw the truth behind events such as this and seized upon these opportunities to call the people of God back to God when they had drifted away. Have no fear: Christ is Emmanuel.

  2. Catholics world-wide: Don’t you think it’s time for the Church (the Pope) to release the Third Secret of Fatima and perform the Consecration of Russia as Our Lady asked? Did She not prophesy the desolation and destruction that would befall us if we did not heed her request? For those who think the Third Secret has been released and the Consecration has been done; tell me: where is the “peace” she promised? See what’s become of us since 1960.

    God has given the world into the hands of Our Lady of Fatima. Surely much Grace has been withheld from us for our obstinacy and disobedience. Perhaps, nature has simply had its way with the poor people of New Zealand.
    May Our Lady of Fatima have mercy the poor people affected by this disaster and on us all.

  3. Richard…

    You probably know that both the pope (as Cardinal Ratzinger) and the last living visionary, Sister Lucia, both affirmed that the third secret was revealed and that the consecration was properly performed.

    Dcn. Greg

  4. Dcn. Greg,

    Again, tell me: Where’s the peace? Where’s the Conversion of Russia? Why are Russia’s errors (please don’t ask me to list them) still ravaging the world? Why is war, disease, terrorism (perfected by Russia and exported to Islamic groups), natural disaster, and apostasy (please don’t ask me to list crackpot priests, bishops and cardinals) so rampant.

    If you make an effort to look beyond the “party line” you’ll see that neither has the “Third Secret” been revealed nor has the Consecration of Russia taken place. There has only been trumped up claims that these things are fulfilled by certain apostates. Their cases are riddled with holes. In fact, the Third Secret is known to refer to a geat apostasy.


  5. There is more evidence than not, that the Third Secret has not been revealed in it’s entirety, nor has the “Collegial Consecration” been performed. Pope John Paul II eluded to it when he consecrated the “World and certain Countries” to Mary without the whole of the Bishops and without naming Russia specifically, as requested. So much for “Ost Politic”. We have not heeded Mary and God’s request, and we will not see peace until we do. In the mean time, use your “Weapon”. Pray the Rosary!

  6. New Zealanders, we are with you in our prayers. Keep steadfast at this difficult time which is very heartbreaking. Please keep praying, we all need these prayers.


  7. Dearest New Zealander brothers/sisters in Christ Jesus, we share your grief and pray that Almighty Lord may showever His kindness and mercy to keep you in strength and faith. May God Bless each one of you.

    From A.A. JOSE, INDIA

  8. Its true, the Consecration has not taken place. All the evidence is in agreeance with this fact. Our Lord and Our Lady asked specifically for Russia to be consecrated and for the Pope to do it in unison with all the bishops. A consecration of the world is just not good enough- Russia MUST be mentioned. When the consecration is truly done, “peace will be given to all mankind”. Now who can say we are living in a time of peace?!!
    Ps the orchestrator of the “new order” mass, or in latin “novus ordo” mass, was indeed a freemason!!! – Cardinal Bugnini. (does that sound like the new world order? They are indeed linked). Please everyone, attend only the Latin Mass. Your souls are at steak.
    God speed

  9. You know, when you really examine the lives of the many “saints” that still live in our temporal world (and, for that matter, many of the saints who have moved to eternal life) you will find that not one of them was the slightest bit interested in the Third Secret of Fatima; or whether the Mass was Tridentine/EF or Novus Ordo; or even whether a few hundred folks (out of several billion alive at this moment in human history) believe that Roman Catholicism is the “Great Whore of Babylon” as mentioned in the Book of Revelations.

    To those genuinely grace-filled people of God, all of this human uproar is childish.

    And then maybe they will remind us what Rabbi Saul of Tarsus (Christian Saint Paul) said in one of his letters to the Christian Church at Corinth: “When I was a child, I thought and acted as if I were a child but now that I have become an adult, I have put aside childish things.”

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