Worth a thousand words

Worth a thousand words February 21, 2011

The scene yesterday in Dublin:

In Dublin’s pro-cathedral, St. Mary’s, Dublin’s Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and the archdiocese’s Apostolic Visitor, Cardinal Séan O’Malley of Boston, lie prostrate (above) before the altar at the start of yesterday’s Liturgy of Repentance for victims of sex abuse.

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5 responses to “Worth a thousand words”

  1. It’s never enough for people who have decided that it will never be enough.

    Victims are surely entitled to their feelings of anger, and the Church needs to continue to express repentance and offer whatever assistance to healing it can. But I think the rest of us need to acknowledge the hierarchy’s repentance and the ongoing work of child protection, and let go of our anger.

  2. The Bishops prostrate in front of the Alter looks great—and the prayers sound nice, but it still doesn’t take the horrible memories the victims have to live with. How can those now adults trust any priests, bishops etc. in the RCC after the treatment received from the very people they were taught during childhood to trust? Actually I’m surpriesd any of them stayed Catholic. I wonder how many left religion in general, due to their molestation?

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