RIP Elizabeth Taylor, almost-Catholic

RIP Elizabeth Taylor, almost-Catholic March 23, 2011

The film legend died today at the age of 79.

One of her many marriages was to a Catholic, Nicky Hilton and, according to at least one biographer, she considered converting:

Francis Taylor [Elizabeth’s father] didn’t approve of Elizabeth’s proposed conversion to the Catholic faith. In April Elizabeth, too, had second thoughts, after learning that she’d have to sign an oath promising to bring her children up in the church. At Mtro, which was performing corporate sommersaults to support her wedding because of all the free publicity for Bride, Pandro Berman prediced a flare-up of what he called Elizabeth’s “crazy defiance.” The couple reached a compromise, and on April 15 an announcement appeared in newspapers stating that though the wedding would be Roman Catholic, Elizabeth would remain Protestant…

The Taylor-Hilton wedding was the great celebrity event of 1950, held at 5 P.M. on Sunday, May 6, at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills–“Our Lady of the Cadillacs,” as it was known, because of the richness of the parishioners…

After a Catholic Mass, Nicky slipped a $10,000 platinum-and-diamond wedding band on Elizabeth’s finger, and they kissed so long that Monsignor Patrick J. Concannon told Elizabeth, “I think that’s long enough, dear.”

You can read more than you could possibly want to know about Liz Taylor and religion right here.

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18 responses to “RIP Elizabeth Taylor, almost-Catholic”

  1. Ah, well. I guess the Church’s loss was the Chosen People’s gain. RIP, Liz. Tsartstvo tebe v nebakh, as the Russians say.

  2. I really can’t understand someone who would consider converting to a religion, but have problems with bringing their children up in that faith.

  3. Very interesting that this “mixed marriage” occurred at a Mass. In those bygone days marriages like this occurred inside rectories or at the church porch, for fear that the church would be seen as celebrating — and not merely tolerating for fear that the Catholic partner would leave or the kids wouldn’t be brought up in the faith — the wedding.

  4. RP…

    Well, it WAS at “Our Lady of Cadillacs.”

    That’s the same church which served as the setting for Merv Griffin’s funeral a few years ago — and some found THAT “very interesting,” too.

    Dcn. G.

  5. RP Burke:

    My totally ordinary Lutheran and Catholic parents were married in 1955, in church, the only difference being that they stood outside the altar railing. Same with two sets of aunts and uncles between 1952 and 1956, in different churches all over the Midwest.

    Pretty normal back then.

  6. In retrospect, Taylor also had a problem with the Catholic notion that marriage is permanent. She was married to Hilton for just under nine months.

  7. Let’s all cut the wise cracks and recognize a soul has enetered the judgment seat of It’s Creator and whether we liked her or not our obligation as Catholics is to pray for Elizabeth Taylor just as we would want to ask her to remember us someday.

    Let us all shower heaven with prayers of Divine Mercy, Rosary for her soul and show her she was wrong about not converting to The Catholic Faith missing out on all the Holy Communions with The Lord she will never have the opportunity to receive as we do and angels crave for and for All The Communion of the saints that today are praying for her soul as no one else may even come to think of doing in her own home and in this way we pray she remains in Blessed Beatitude face to face with Our God as one day all of us will, I pray.

  8. she was not only a superlative example of the acting craft, but a sweet and gracious lady in person. More often than not, that’s more than could be said for some of the more ‘devout’ of Hollywood.

  9. Robert Sledz and Robert C comments are prayers. Read and re-read what they say slowly. we are ALL sinners and in need of prayer. At my death, I only hope that thoughts expressed by these two men show up for me!

    Yes, it is good to pray for the souls of the deceased.

  10. It doesn’t matter whether E. Taylor converted to Catholicism and is not wrong for not doing it. She was wrong if she did not obey Scriptures command to be ” born again ” as commanded by JESUS IN John 3.
    Romans 10 : 9 , 13 says it nicely also : ” Because if you acknowledge and confess with your lips that JESUS is Lord
    and in your heart believe, trust in , that God raised JESUS
    from the dead. you will be saved . ” For everyone who calls upon the LORD , invoking Him as LORD , will be saved. ”
    Her destiny was determined by her decision on this earth !
    All the prayers , novenas , lighting of candles and whatever else that one does will be of no help at all.
    Salvation by the grace of God alone, thru faith alone .
    in Jesus Christ alone.

  11. The Catholic faith is historically, and will therefore always be the true faith that Jesus Christ instituted on this earth before his Assension into Heavenly glory. This is why I understand one of the other gentlemans comments on this site about missing out on the true sacraments of Jesus and his CHURCH. The holy Euchrist. Jesus didn’t say to Peter On this rock I will build my churches….. He said “Peter, you are Rock, and on this rock I will build my Church” (with a captial C), meaning he instituted an authoritarian universal Church, which we know as the Catholic Church. Whether your Catholic or not, that’s the truth. All other christian faiths will always bow down in some way, big or small to the One Catholic faith until Gabrial blows his horn. People need to do their homework and know that the Catholic Church has been around for 2000 years. No other “Christian” religion can lay claim to this fact.

    So getting back to my original thought here,the Catholics love and respect all other religions regardless of them not being in full communion with Jesus Christ CHURCH-not churches…. Jesus can forgive any sin. So we all need to pray for Elizabeth’s soul and ask God to give that mercy to her, as well as extending that mercy to us all when our soul is taken from our bodies. We hope to arrive in heavenly glory, which is Heaven. We’re all sinners, I can’t list them all here, but there’s still FACTS that can’t be ignored.

  12. Jim,

    Try and lighten up a bit. Please? My thinking here is you come from a Non Catholic Church. That’s fine. Your fine. I’m just making a remark concerning about what The Catholic experience would have been for late actress. I did not make any assertion as to her Faith or No Faith. I gave The Catholic perspective. I respect if you don’t get it. Ok? Friends? 😉


  13. I remember an interview once when she was asked why she married so many times and she said that she felt it was wrong to have sex outside of marriage. I always thought that was an interesting and almost prudish comment. If it is indeed the truth, then perhaps she was doing the best to be moral with her marriages. Only God can decide that.

  14. john t.

    i think the scripture says : you are peter ( a large rock )
    and on this rock ( petra – a huge rock ) i will build my church. the church was built on the foundation of JESUS CHRIST!
    HE is the ” rock .” HE is the head of the church !
    Ephesians 1 : 22 puts it clearly. ” and HE has put all things under HIS feet and has appointed HIM the universal and supreme HEAD of the church.”
    Jesus is the rock of salvation / the rock of Israel / a fortress / the rock of ages / the spiritual rock .
    PETER the rock ? i don’t think so !!

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