I'm so there

I'm so there April 8, 2011

The Vatican has issued an invitation to bloggers.  All I need now is an airline ticket, a hotel and cab fare.


The pontifical councils for culture and for social communications are inviting bloggers to the Vatican May 2 so the Vatican can “listen to the experiences of those who are actively involved in this arena” and “achieve a greater understanding of the needs of that community,” said a press release sent out this morning.

The meeting is pretty much open to any Catholic blogger, but the fact that there are only 150 seats in the conference hall and that the Vatican is looking for a mix of languages means the Vatican will be making some choices. The press release said the Vatican also wants a geographical mix and diversity based on the kinds of blogs out there: institutional and private, multi-voice and personal.

Those who want to attend must apply by sending an email to blogmeet@pccs.it and including a link to their blog. The press release also said that those who apply first will be given priority.

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7 responses to “I'm so there”

  1. I don’t get it. I’m not a blogger. But I read this and other links daily. My visit to Rome years ago was outstanding. But why does the Vatican need to get bloggers in Rome for a better understanding of this electronic media in reaching out and serving. To better understand this new world of communications they should stay off the planes, keep out of the hotels, avoid the cabs – particularly in Rome and logon.

  2. Wow! I’m probably too new in the blogosphere (and too part-time), but it’s worth a shot! Haven’t been in Rome for five years and I’m getting itchy!

    I used to lead pilgrimages and have stayed in a bunch of places. My hands-down favorite, which is actually cheaper, is the Palazzo Cardinal Cesi, a former monastery right across the street from (be still my heart) St. Peter’s.

  3. I’m with Dave — you wanna start a conversation with bloggers, then you should do it by blogging! Do you think that they even realize that they HAVE a blog? http://www.pope2you.net (Ok, so it’s a pathetic botch of a job, but they could certainly fix it!)

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