Ladies and gentlemen, the Dominicans

Ladies and gentlemen, the Dominicans April 26, 2011

Here’s a terrific short video about the order, full of wonder and reverence and joy. H/T CMR.

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5 responses to “Ladies and gentlemen, the Dominicans”

  1. Fantastic! I have many good, short clips on female religious that I share with my vocations class, but was just thinking, I need something for the fellas too. Yep, that’ll do nicely. Thanks for passing it on, Deacon.

  2. For three years I lived and studied with the Dominicans in Dubuque. I learned to preach with the best. This video reminded me of those wonderous years. Thank you.

  3. My church in CT is The Dominican Church of St Mary’s and we hear and see many great vocations…they aren’t hurting like many and helped bring me back to the church.
    Our Dominican church has a priory with at least 5 priests, 3 do masses (3 a day) and 3 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday. We also have confession daily except Sunday and people go.
    Very reverent, very nice and I wish more could be like this.

  4. My former parish in Houston, Holy Rosary, is a Dominican-led parish with 3 active priests on staff, several more in residence. Lots of Latin in the Masses — including an Latin N.O. on Sunday mornings, daily confession Mon-Sat, and communion distributed at the communion rail by priests only (either body & blood by intinction on the tongue or body only in the hand) . The parish also has a thriving Vietnamese community (two Masses on Sunday!) served by a Vietnamese-American Dominican.

  5. The motto of the Dominican Order is Veritas — Truth.
    The charism of the Order, received from the Holy Spirit, is joy. Being a lay Dominican is a way of life filled with the love of Jesus and His Blessed Mother, Mary.
    God abuntantly bless the new preists of the Dominican Oders, its Sisters (2nd Order) and its Laity (3rd Order).

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