Following the Black Sheep Dog down the rabbit hole — UPDATED

Following the Black Sheep Dog down the rabbit hole — UPDATED June 19, 2011

I wasn’t planning to re-open this can of worms, but here goes.  I couldn’t help but be shocked by what I discovered late today over at John Corapi’s new website.

At the top is the text of his now-infamous farewell to the priesthood — wherein he states, bluntly, “I am not going to be involved in public ministry as a priest,” and concludes by publicly removing the title “Father” from his name.

But the very next entry at the site is introduced with the headline: “Ordination Anniversary Sale!”  You can get a special discount on some of Not-Father-Anymore Corapi’s inventory of DVDs and CDs.   It’s the same stuff that was on his old website: “Commemorating his baptism and 20th anniversary of ordination, we are reducing prices on the entire inventory for the remainder of the month of June. We do not know how much longer this valuable material will be available so we encourage you to acquire it now.”(Santa Cruz Media’s original emphasis.)

Color me offended.  The man publicly renounces his priesthood — received, by the way, at the hands of a pope just declared “Blesssed” — and his acolytes evidently have no problem hawking his wares as marketable relics of his abandoned vocation.

“Commemorating the anniversary of his ordination?”


As a footnote:  Corapi’s final words in his farewell-to-the-priesthood address are “The Black Sheepdog” — the name of his new brand and his new website.  But as anyone who can Google can discover, that moniker isn’t exactly new.  According to this website, Corapi’s media company, Santa Cruz Media, trademarked the title over a year ago:

On Thursday, April 08, 2010, a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for THE BLACK-SHEEP DOG. This trademark is owned by Santa Cruz Media, Inc., Kalispell, MT 59901. The USPTO has given the THE BLACK-SHEEP DOG trademark serial number of 85009403. The current federal status of this trademark filing is NOTICE OF ALLOWANCE – ISSUED.

There are a lot of questions around all this.  A lot of ’em.   For starters: why’d they file that trademark a year ago?  Also: for such a public priest to make such a public pronouncement — and to announce days in advance that he was going to do it — is a little out of the ordinary.  So, why haven’t we yet heard from his superiors?  Did this catch them by surprise? (I doubt it.)  What about his bishop?  And who, by the way, is his bishop?  Back when this first broke, both Corpus Christi (where his order is headquartered) and Helena (where he lives) said he’s not incardinated in either of those dioceses.  Where, then, is he incardinated?  Who does he answer to?    Anyone who goes looking for answers in any of the existing Corapi biographies online will be stymied: the primary sources that are cited, again and again, come from Santa Cruz Media or his website.

For all practical purposes, it appears that the source and summit of the John Corapi story is…John Corapi.

Strange?  Just a little.

UPDATE: One of Corapi’s most ardent defenders, the bishop emeritus of Corpus Christi, Rene Gracida, has answered at least a few of the questions above at his own blog:

Father John Corapi does not belong to a religious order or congregation.  He is not a priest of the Diocese of Corpus Christi, he is incardinated in the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity,  a diocesan institute I established in the Diocese of Corpus Christi when I was the Ordinary of the Diocese.  He has never held an assignment in the Diocese nor has he ever worked in the Diocese.   Following his ordination in Rome in 1991 by Blessed Pope John Paul II he has ministered in many places, but not in the Diocese of Corpus Christi.  With the permission of his superiors he established his media company in Montana and has lived there ever since.  As a member of that Society (The Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity) Father John is not bound by a vow of poverty.  He is bound by a promise of obedience to his superior, the General Priest Servant of the Society.

In his blog, the bishop emeritus also praises Corapi’s decision to stop ministering to the public as a priest, saying:

Until his suspension is lifted, he is free from the Church’s prohibition on clerics participating in the political life of the nation.  Given his past outspoken criticism of the current slide of our government to become more and more like the socialist governments of Europe, I think that we can expect to hear The Black Sheep Dog speak out more openly on the burning issues we will face in the election year of 2012.  I know from my own experience that God sometimes “writes straight with crooked lines” as the Portuguese put it, and so perhaps God is using this new (unwanted) freedom from ecclesiastical restraint to permit The Black Sheep Dog to say some important things in the next 16 months on those burning issues.

I believe that he is justified in not seeking to clear his name through a canonical process; at the present time such processes are very flawed in most dioceses.

Read the rest at his blog.

Also: a commenter notes the ‘Black Sheep Dog’ name has been part of the Corapi brand for a while:  “Fr. Corapi announced months ago that he was working on an autobiography with the working title ‘The Black Sheep Dog.’ ‘Black’ referencing his past and his clerical attire. ‘Sheep Dog’ referencing his role as shepherd.”

UPDATE II: There’s a long and very thoughtful analysis of this over at Te Deum, which poses the question: “What if Christ had quit because of injustice?”

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98 responses to “Following the Black Sheep Dog down the rabbit hole — UPDATED”

  1. I just posted over at Elizabeth’s that the trademarking of The Black Sheep Dog, which has always been the announced title of Corapi’s autobiography, in the works for more than 5 years, doesn’t surprise me. He has always been proactive about protecting his “intellectual property,” and trademarking is the only way to protect a title, which can’t otherwise be legally restricted. I don’t think we can necessarily assume that he had this particular “new chapter” in mind a year ago, but he has always covered all the bases.

    As I also said at Elizabeth’s, the blessing of this otherwise very hurtful and baffling incident is that it may finally offer the impetus to explore the truth behind the Corapi legenda, not as an ad hominem attack but as means of truly understanding what in our lives as believers (not just Catholics, because the “fan base” includes possibly as many who are not Catholic) hungers for and nurtures the growth of freelance prophets. Light and air are welcome in this, as in all infectious processes.

  2. Ordination Anniversary Sale.

    God have mercy.

    And the logo on the top of the page, the dog’s eyes. Mmmm, not feeling that. I pray for him, but I have to wonder what is going on.

    I am also thinking of the great voices silenced by our Church, who patiently took their silencing with humility and with… well, silence.

  3. I posted a link on Anchoress’s site to the book Coronary from Amazon, it gave me a lot of answers to his beginnings of a “businessman” to now.

    My daughter (18) didn’t know he owned so much and asked what he gave to others, I didn’t know, but I do wonder how a priest is ordained and doesn’t reaslly belong to an order, he said it was a grey area, he wasn’t “in community”, not a parish priest.

    Is that because he was ordained in Rome? SOLT seemed to have different rules for him than the others there.

  4. I think we need to work on the claim that Corapi needed to incorporate and so on to protect his assets from the church authorities who were apparently out to get him.

    First of all – in regard to his religious order. It’s not a religious order -but some sort of association – so I’m sure the rules are different for SOLT than they are for say a regular religious order – in which a member basically hands over his/her salary to the Order.

    My point being Corapi was in no danger of having his assets ever claimed by SOLT because it’s not that kind of set up anyway.

    And after that…there’s no one who would have access. Even if Corapi were a diocesan priest he would be free to build up as much wealth as he wanted and it would be his. I know many priests who own property – beach condo/cabin/boats – and they do not shrink in fear of the bishop taking their stuff. It’s theirs and they can do with it what they like..

    I want to thank JKM for his detective work here. I still want to know if any of the pre-priesthood stuff is supportable. Is there a record of him being a Realtor in LA – or working for the companies he claimed to work for?

  5. Seen on another website about this matter…

    Be sober and vigilant: because your enemy the devil, like a roaring lion, is roaming around seeking whom he might devour. Strong in faith, resist him knowing that the same affliction befalls your brethren who are in the world. ” 1 Peter 5:8-9.

  6. Since he gave up his connection to the Church—is he entitled to a “retirement” package? Not knowing, I suspect not. Maybe he needs the money from his sale to help himself financially? Just wondered–do priests have their own money since they work for the Church, and I guess provided housing (rectory) and on retirement (not leaving the Church) are taken care of in some Church connected environment. I have no idea, but thought I’d ask.

  7. And the Lord will say to YOU, “I was sick and in prison and you did NOT visit me.” You call yourself a deacon yet you attack your brother just like Satan has. You should be ASHAMED. You call yourself a deacon and you kick a man when he is down. You are not fit.

  8. Fran, I’m with you re: the ‘eyes logo’. Is it just me, or does it look more like the dog is eyeing up the sheep, in the much the same manner as I might eye up a lamb chop, rather than keep a benevolent watch over it?

  9. I am so ashamed and embarrased by this Corapi situation.

    Sorry to say:

    “Follow the money.”

  10. Former-Fr. Corapi has the potential to do great spiritual harm to himself, the faithful, and to the Church as a whole. I have started a Novena to St. John Vianney for him. I encourage all who care about him and the Church to do the same.

  11. The question of John Corapi’s incardination may seem puzzling, but I think canons 266 and 268 are relevant. If SOLT is a “clerical society of apostolic life” under canons 731-746, and if he was ordained for it, then he was incardinated in the society when he was ordained a deacon — if I’m reading 266 correctly. But if he joined the society after ordination, then joining it excardinated him from his diocese and incardinated him into the SOLT — if I’m reading 268 correctly.

    If I’m reading canon 390 correctly, a cleric can’t give up the clerical state on his own. He remains a cleric until ether his ordination is declared invalid, he is dismissed as a penalty, or he is dispensed by the Holy See. Since he has not mentioned any of those three as happening, it would seem he is still in the clerical state.

  12. Fr. Corapi is not a freelance prophet. He is/was a member of and bound by the Rule of a religious order in the Catholic Church, one he often referred to lovingly. There is not one shred of evidence that he was anything but an obedient member of his Order. He was subject to a superior and was certainly not doing “his own thing” as many have suggested.

    Hopefully the head of S.O.L.T. will have the courage to admit they were bullied into the action they took against Fr. Corapi when the allegations were first made.

    Only they can put the lie to the baseless speculations, innuendos and just plain nasty comments being heaped upon a holy priest who is struggling under the heavy weight of the cross.

  13. I’m trying to understand what he’s trying to convey with
    “The Black Sheep Dog”. Sheep dogs are not black… Black sheep don’t need more or less protection (dog) than white sheep and those eyes are definitely not the eyes of a sheep dog. Those are wolf eyes and the reflection of the sheep in those eyes look like they’re about to be prey on, not protected. Very creepy…

  14. Re “why’d they file that trademark a year ago?”

    Maybe, if you had read his message carefully you would have noticed, “My autobiography, “The Black Sheep Dog,” is almost ready for publication.”

    But that doesnt seem to concern folks like you.

    I for one am learning far more about you and the others whose “evangelical ministry” seems to be reacting like threatened Protestants than Fr. Corapi…..

  15. Very interesting post from the bishop emeritus.

    His Excellency writes, “I believe that he is justified in not seeking to clear his name through a canonical process; at the present time such processes are very flawed in most dioceses.” But “most dioceses” aren’t the question. Corpus Christi is what matters. So, is he telling us that the process in Corpus Christi is very flawed, and if so, was it very flawed when he was diocesan bishop, and if so, why didn’t he correct it? And if the process in Corpus Christi isn’t very flawed, why throw out this red herring about “most dioceses?”

    And in light of the fact that this Black Sheep Dog moniker has been in the works for a long time, one really has to wonder how long this suspension was planned, whether there was any collusion between John Corapi and his “adversaries”. In other words, what the dickens is going on here, that he gets himself freed to go into politics just as the 2012 campaign season approaches? (Assuming that BIshop Gracida is right on that point. Canon 287 §2 says “Clerics are not to have an active role in political parties …” and isn’t a suspended cleric still a cleric?)

    Well, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

  16. You know, the catholic blogosphere is getting worse than the world. I can’t get over how much people care about this. You claim that you don’t want to open a can of worms. If you didn’t want to, you wouldn’t blog. You enjoy bring a journalist. Do you enjoy being a deacon? Perhaps you should let this play out. Just maybe? Perhaps i dont know what I’m talking about and should keep to myself. Just maybe? Ha. Yes, the dog is a bit strange. Demonic? No. It is quite clear he has the wolves in one eye and the lambs in the other. He is thus guarding the lambs. John Corapi is human. Priests are human. While he may not claim the priesthood any longer, he is no less a priest. Let us pray for him and also for all of us. He brought me back to the Lord. Now it is my time to pray.

  17. After monitoring this breaking news and all the bloggerel it has generated for about the last hour (which is all the time I intend to devote to it), I only wish to make the following remark:

    The militant detractors of John Corapi (such as that left-leaning blabbermouth Mark Shea), are allied with the same erstwhile priest’s “fan base” in missing the bigger picture here. The Corapi scandal is not an aberration. Take it and lump it together with one of Mark Shea’s typical fulminations; throw in the pedophile-priest-of-the-week; mix it together with false ecumenism, socialism, and humanism; ice it all with the latest parish closure, and there you have it: This IS your Novus Ordo, Counciliar Church.

    It is only a matter of time before the entire professional Catholic establishment, being as it is nothing but a humanist front in Catholic costume, goes the way of the dodo. It will disappear for the simple reason that it is not concerned with reality. The Counciliar religion is not truly the Roman Catholic Church; it uses the same name and the same buildings, but it does not believe the same Gospel. Everything that formerly was Catholic has now been transvaluated such that it has different meaning and is received with a different acceptation. The 1993 “Catechism” (the one that John Corapi received so many plaudits for teaching) is part and parcel of this humanist front, as was Corapi’s career (which no one can argue has not been full panoply’d weirdness).

    If the Vatcan wanted to end this fiasco it could do so right now, by ording the universal reinstitution of the Traditional Latin Mass and replacing the American epicopacy from top to bottom. The fact that nobody seems at all interested in doing this is rather telling. The fact that John Corapi and Mark Shea are the public faces of Catholicism is also rather telling (and disgusting). The circus will continue until the entire stinking ediface is destroyed. Then perhaps we can at last begin to worship God in the only form acceptable to Him, the sacrifice of Christ His Son re-presented for us in the Traditional Mass.

  18. The selling his inventory is perplexing. The guy won millions from a Medical lawsuit a few years back. It is possible his “staff” needs some level of income now that his career is modified. To me, this is so far a sad secular response from the Church and too early IMO.

  19. Fr. Corapi announced months ago that he was working on an autobiography with the working title “The Black Sheep Dog”.

    “Black” referencing his past and his clerical attire. Sheep Dog referencing his role as shepherd.

    Not anything new.

  20. I think we should be giving Fr. Corapi the benefit of the doubt on this one. The allegations do sound phoney in light of this statement by his media company that I found here:

    I also think, assuming that the info he has supplied is true, that he has some legitimate complaints against the current system for dealing with sex abuse in the church. Not giving the accused any access to evidence is particularly appalling.

    In response to the trademarking of The Black-Sheep Dog name…

    Instead of assuming he is guilty of something, it seems more prudent to assume that he has had this idea for a while as a way to reach out to a wider audience. To be honest, the secular culture is going to respond to something like The Black-Sheep Dog better than they will to Fr. Corapi – Catholic Priest.

    As far as the idea that he is renouncing the priesthood issue is concerned. Naturgesetz brings up the point that he can not do this according to cannon law. And he’s not, he is just continuing to minister in the only way he can now that his faculties have been suspended, by not identifying himself as a Catholic Priest.

    Lastly, and most importantly, As long as he continues to adhere and teach the Catholic Faith truthfully, I don’t see a problem with him doing so…

    The bishop’s letter,

    seems to suggest that his new ministry will not violate any of the vow’s he’s currently bound to and wouldn’t be out of line as far as other rules go…so as long is this continues there’s no problem.

    Regardless of weather or not he is guilty, the truth will prevail!

    Please pray for Fr. Corapi and all those involved in this issue.

  21. The former bishop of Corpus Christi’s defense and speculation of this recent development seems more spin to me than an honest analysis of a priest who has put out the kind of statement that Fr. Corapi has. He has completely ignored the disobedience of Fr. Corapi and, frankly, in my opinion, the mental health of this man. I believe there is reason for deep concern and he will be in my prayers.

  22. Says It ALL:
    On Thursday, April 08, 2010, a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for THE BLACK-SHEEP DOG. This trademark is owned by Santa Cruz Media, Inc., Kalispell, MT 59901. The USPTO has given the THE BLACK-SHEEP DOG trademark serial number of 85009403. The current federal status of this trademark filing is NOTICE OF ALLOWANCE – ISSUED.

    EXPOSE the mongrel!

    Grow up America real fast

  23. A question about incardination into a religious society–how does it relate to the need to obtain faculties from the ordinary of the diocese in which one resides or ministers publicly? I used to work with Franciscans in Los Angeles, and while they may have been incardinated in their own provinces, they still needed to seek faculties from the Archdiocese in order to carry out pastoral ministry.

    Bishop Emeritus Gracida’s post does answer a number of questions, but that one still remains.

    For those who claim that Corapi was bound by a rule, please note that according to Fr Gerald Sheehan, the US SOLT superior, the society at the time Corapi joined it–which I believe was prior to priestly ordination–did not require a vow of poverty, and Fr Corapi was personally exempted from other restrictions by SOLT’s founder, Fr Flanagan. The society is now in the process of restructuring to become a society of pontifical right, which will require its members to profess solemn vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience (according to their vocation, of course). Fr Sheehan has noted in another forum that much of the matter under consideration by the society at this time was not related to accusations, but rather whether and how Fr Corapi might choose to regularize his situation within the new constitutions. It seems he has made his choice.

  24. jkm…

    Interesting. It’s also worth noting that Fr. Sheehan at the outset said only that “we have received an allegation that Father Corapi has behaved in a manner unbecoming of a priest” — which could mean almost anything. Anything else we know comes from Santa Cruz Media or John Corapi.

    Dcn. G.

  25. “A veteran broadcast journalist, Deacon Greg worked for 26 years as a writer and producer for CBS News”

    that explains it.

  26. John you are correct, as Father Corpi indeed has mentioned the title and explanation for his autobiography several times. The video I agree is a bit on the “dark side”, but in fairness to him, it might PURPOSELY be meant to represent the demonic. Being a business women myself, I totally understand why he tradmarked the name.

    As for the “investigation” some of you folks, especially jkm have going on, it’s needless. For anyone who has followed him, all of those quesitons are already answered, as he references to them often when he speaks. His on the up and up on all of the business stuff.

    Michael Brown at has two interesting (and original), posts. One the “black sheep” poem (which may shed some light ), and another very interesting one on the accuser (so she says), selling Father Corapi’s rosary on facebook. If that article is true, it almost is a slam dunk that Father Corapi is “not guilty.”

    Bishop G’s response is most interesting. Thanks Dcn. Greg for posting it. As I wrote earlier, this is a “wait and see.” Either F Corapi, who was always under great spirtual attack, even physical, has either been taken by the enemy or, and if, he is still within his vows of a priest, and actually allowed under these circumstances, to act outside of them, that’s huge!

    As someone who pretty much listened to everything he ever recorded, and met him personally 3 times, if I had to sum him up in a few words, or his mission, it would be “Saving souls from the rage of battle of spiritual warfare”, BEFORE it’s too late. Anyone with a spiritual compass that points north would have to be under a rock to not realize what great peril we are in culturally and as a country. IMO, IF Father Corapi could go MSM, and STILL be within the church obedience (even if that meant a temporary suspension of his priesthood), he might just save America, as a return to God is our only hope.

    Love him or hate him, I guarantee if he starts making the main stream talk and cable news shows, he will make Sarah Palin look like “Sarah who?”! Imagine if that were God’s plan for him, to totally shake up the morality of this country? All it would take is getting the quiescent catholics back, because if the Catholics in this country ever voted like Catholics, we have the numbers to elect anyone to anything.

    For the record, if it turns out that he is truly disobedience to the chruch, I will be the first to stop listening to him. After the Bishop’s statement, I’m not sure now. And if he is a “product of the enemy”, well, I will continue to pray my heart out for him, as that is what he asked us, his “fans”, to do. If that be the case, it would validate more than ever, the power of the diabolical. And but by the Grace of God, so can go any of us go, anytime.

    If that be the case for me, please God, let my brothers and sisters in Christ “pray me back.”

  27. For the record…I am dumbfounded. I’m dumbfounded by all of it. I’m dumbfounded, with all due respect, by your post, by the bishop’s words, and by Fr. Corapi’s actions.

    It’s all such a mess.

  28. Even if those were his reasons for his ‘brand’, that is not a good brand. Why? It’s too easily mistaken for something it’s not.

    Normally when people are being unjustly accused, their lawyers will have them shut up. Who is making the most noise shows a lot.

  29. I must correct something I wrote in a comment on this site earlier today.

    I was incorrect in assuming that S.O.L.T., the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, was a religious order. It is rather a diocesan institute and it was established when the now retired Bishop Gracida served as Ordinary of the Diocese of Corpus Cristi.

    This information is on Bishop Gracida’s website here:

    It appears that Fr. Corapi is not leaving the priesthood as New Advent stated in excessively large print on its website. For those who have been heartsick all weekend, Bishop Gracida’s comments will lift your spirits.

  30. New article at in which Fr. Sheehan explains why the investigation has been slow and that Fr. Corapi had turned down an offer to move back into community.

    As SOLT did not become a Society of Apostolic Life until a number of years after Father’s ordination, they could not have been providing him faculties for the first several years. They were only a Pious Association of the Faithful at that point, not able to grant faculties He would have had to have received his faculties from a bishop for a number of years.

    On a facebook page under the name of Rene Henry Gracida, it has up until now indicated that his employer is SOLT.

  31. Whether or not the accustations are true and whether or not one happens to appreciate Corapi’s particular style of orthodoxy, the most important feature of the present dust-up is that, for once, and perhaps the first time, the American episcopacy has encountered that rarest of all birds, a priest with a normal testosterone level.

    You go, Corapi! The Church doesn’t ordain women, but it sure ordains a lot of men who might as well be. Therein lies the problem.

  32. Thank you for being a Deacon.

    No Priest = No Church. All Priests need our prayers.

    From the pews – I can only say,’mea culpa’. I should say more prayers for our Priests.

  33. It’s so sad that airing of concerns and opinions about a situation that is sad to many can lead so quickly to ad hominem attacks, broad-brush criticism and other uncharitable actions.

    Whether this latest action by Fr. Corapi is a good thing or not will become apparent as the fruits in his life and service become visible. It’s wonderful that so many have been drawn more deeply into life with Christ through his previous work. May it continue through the mercy of Christ. And may we be open to the work of God wherever we find it.

    And may we avoid the temptation to rush to judgement or rush to excuse in the absence of (1) facts or (2) a duty to form an opinion.

  34. Fran said. I am also thinking of the great voices silenced by our Church, who patiently took their silencing with humility and with… well, silence.

    I say, I am also thinking of all the saints who chose not to point out the faults and failings of another.

  35. Servant, Sr_Lisa, & Ben New,

    You are all spot on.

    All of this has its roots in the abuses of the Novus Ordo.

    The selfishness and ignorance of the “professoinal catholics” who proliferate in the blogosphere are really no different than Protestants who plaster their countenance upon the covers of the books they write.

    Many prayers are needed for the priests and deacons, for they are filled with the drugs that seduce pride and false joy.

    The Smoke of Satan entered the Sanctuary and “The road to hell is paved with the skulls of erring priests, with bishops as their signposts.” ~ St. John Chrysostom (347-407), Doctor of the Church


  36. Let me make sure one thing is clear.

    Re “the abuses of the Novus Ordo” does not mean, or imply, the Novus Ordo form of the Mass is an invalid form of Mass.

    However, it does point to the abuses of the Novus Ordo as being the root of the evil spreading like the Smoke of Satan through the Sanctuary of the Catholic Church.


  37. There seems to be a number of people believing that Fr. Corapi has been disobedient. My question is disobedient to whom or for what?

  38. In an earlier interview with NCRegister, Fr. Sheehan discussed how SOLT had changed and become a Society of Apostolic Life only in 1994. That would be the first instance of them having a status where they could have actually provided Fr. Corapi with faculties, they could not as a mere Private Association of the Faithful. As he was ordained in 1991 and seems to have started with parish work in Hudson and then Robstown (per his account), for at least a few years it would seem a bishop would have had to grant him faculties. Claiming that he next worked for the Bishop of Sacramento, you’d expect that he was supervised and received his faculties from Bishop Weigand. When he left whatever work he was doing he was living and working on his own, which was apparently agree to prior to SOLT’s status as a Society of Apostolic Life. The canons for such societies are 731-735, and suggest the norm would be community life and all proceeds from ministry going to the Society. While there might be some possible variations depending on the society’s Constitution, the interview with Fr. Sheehan seemed to confirm this while indicating that a few priests like Father Corapi had to that point continued on per prior agreements. Canon 745 would seem to restrict them from granting faculties to a member living outside the community for a number of years, and would require him to report in to the bishop where he resides.

  39. While Father Corapi complains that the investigation could go on indefinitely, per the most recent article at it is Fr. Corapi that has slowed down the process due to threatening civil suits to enforce non-disclosure policies with him employees (and supposed accuser). If he has nothing to hide, you would think that he would release them from the policy and let the investigation proceed. Instead he asserts that he has civil rights to pursue his lawsuits.

  40. It is unbelievable to me how many Father Corapi groupies there are in the blogosphere defending him and lambasting his accuser.

    The man has profited greatly from his gift of oration. He has also profited through a multi-million dollar lawsuit as well as a multi-milliom dollar whistle-blower award.

    If he has left the priesthood why follow him?

    Martin Luther did the same.

  41. The man has profited greatly from his gift of oration. He has also profited through a multi-million dollar lawsuit as well as a multi-milliom dollar whistle-blower award.

    Archbishop Sheen profited greatly from his gift too, and he gave more than $10 million away. Do you what Fr. Corapi has done with his money? Is it your business to know what Fr. Corapi has done with his money?

  42. If he has left the priesthood why follow him?

    Martin Luther did the same

    Malachy Martin left the priesthood too and wrote some wonderful books, and gave some great interviews. He too had a lot to say about the evil going on around the chanceries and Vatican but I never heard him say anything contrary to the Faith. Martin Luther denied articles of the Faith and started his own religion. So far as I know Fr. Corapi has done none of these things, nor is there any indication that he intends to do so. Presuming or suggesting that he will without any evidence is uncharitable.

  43. I think it is worth pointing out that Bishop Gracida’s sympathy for Corapi is a little easier to understand when you consider that he (Gracida) also changed his life drastically at one point in his past. Rene Gracida used to be a Religious himself. He was a Benedictine monk in Pennsylvania. However, differences of opinion with his abbot caused him to abandon monastic life (after he had made a life-long committment) because he no longer wished to submit to his authority. Sound familiar? He then went on to be a diocesan priest in Miami and years later was made a bishop. So, consider the source: another man who took matters into his own hands rather than abide by the authority of his legitimate superiors.

  44. In response to Reply # 16
    Christine, put your glasses on. The reflections in the eye are of wolves, not sheep.


  45. Richard 48:
    It depends upon which eye you are looking at, one has a reflection of wolves and the other of sheep. The video starts out showing sheep, and is it draws back you discover you are looking at a reflection of them in an eye. My own impression was that it looked more like a wolf than a dog, though different than the wolves that are shown in the other eye.

  46. How very odd. In his statement, Fr. Corapi complains that he has not been able to question his accuser or other witnesses. Then, in the statement by the head of SOLT, it is claimed that the reason the witnesses cannot be questioned is because Fr. Corapi is pursuing a lawsuit to enforce a “non-disclosure” contract clause, seemingly against the accuser and others.

    The obvious way for Fr. Corapi to get information and have the investigation proceed is to release the former employees from a non-disclosure agreement. Very few companies with these agreemnts actually enforce them against former employees, particularly when questioning could bring out exculpatory evidence during a legal dispute. In fact, why in the world is a priest requiring non-disclosure clauses in contracts? It’s not like he has any trade secrets or the threat of industrial spying by competitors, is it?

    Curioser and curioser. I’m making popcorn.

  47. Corapi’s site manager is afraid of me. I posted something on his About wall and they denied it from being published. I guess only the black dog’s sheeple can comment.

  48. I think it is interesting that people ignore Corapi’s declaration of being a “black sheep,” but it is one of the things he called himself in his “goodbye.”

    To the people who are trying to make this into a “Novus Ordo” scandal — get real. Scandals like this have been with the Church since… Christ being betrayed by Judas. Are you going to deny Christ because he chose Judas? Seriously, get a grip. Post hoc ergo propter hoc is easily seen with this; would you have said “this is proof of how evil Nicea is” when you learned about Apollinarius? Get a grip! Would have have pointed out all the fallen clerics in the era of the Reformation to say “see, Luther is right”? Get real!

  49. Father never mentiioned praying for him or asking for prayers in his statement, I don’t think prayer was mentioned at all. He’s not being “manly” he’s running.

    He said, if you take him at his word, he had a devoition to Mary, he thought she was with him in his quest for the priesthood, said he thought she or another angel was with him a few times, he had our Blessed Pope John Paul ll ordain him and should have had a ton of graces.

    I was surprised he went into the business mode so soon, didn’t want to be a priest in the sense of being around others unless they were paying, nothing seemed to make sense. He said the words, said them well, but what does that really mean? Doesn’t living it mean more? Didn’t Jesus warn of people saying the right things but not living it?
    (which scares even me because we never do enough)

  50. The primary question for me – was and is Corapi under the authority and supervision of anyone (credible)? He is an at risk person having had mental and substance abuse problems in the past. In the stress of ‘show business,’ ministry and celebrity, people can crack and they usually crack along the lines of their original fleshly personality make up and habits of the past. One of Corapi’s accuser’s claims was of substance abuse. In his new role, will he have to submit to random drug testing? Will his life be accountable?

    Billy Graham made it a practice never to meet with a woman alone. He asked God to kill him before allowing him to shame the Name of Jesus. He surrounded himself with people who would watch him and hold him accountable.
    By contrast, Corapi seems to be a lone ranger, a ‘marketable personality’ and the head of a media corporation marketing him first and Christ second. We know what happened to many of those who operate in that format.

    Jesus warned us to abide in Him, hear His voice and St. Paul warned us to submit to one another in the fear of God. (Ephesians 5:21)

    Without the Shepherd and a human shepherd, this ‘sheepdog’ will not fare well with roaring lions that seek to devour him.

    Even if Corapi is right and the system is corrupt and he can fight what Pope BXVI calls the ‘filth’ within the system better from outside it, unless the Black Sheep Dog follows The Word, both written and Incarnate and is willing to be transparent and accountable to responsible, spiritually mature people in all areas of his life, thoughts, words and deeds, he will have a great fall and sully the Name of our Lord.

    The Book of Proverbs, in several verses states that wisdom, safety and victory are found through a multitude of counselors. This does not mean worldly media companies and marketing strategists, but submission to mature, wise, godly counsel.

    With his past, and seeming love of attention, it is doubtful that John Corapi will take the way of safety, honor and glory to Christ alone. If he does, it will be one notable miracle.

    Does he have a board to the Black Sheep Dog business entity? Is it going to be a non-profit or what type of business will it be? Are they listed? Will he furnish a financial report annually and publically?

  51. What disturbs me the most is how quickly the media network of the Catholic Blog-o-sphere has turned on a priest who obviously needs many prayers and possibly psychiatric help. Fr. Corapi has been your champion through thick and thin, how about extending him the same courtesy. Bloggers are not the official “damage control” team of the Catholic Church. To add to Fr. Z’s appeal to stop emailing him about Fr. Corapi, I say stop formally cooperating with evil. You do not fight evil with evil and the sardonic tones in all of the blogs are greatly disturbing.

  52. The Catholic Church has a black eye, but Father Corapi did not cause it. Father Corapi becomes front page news but the names of homosexual priests who were shuffled around and the names of the bishops who did so, knowing these perverts were abusing young boys, is hidden from the public. The PROBLEM is that ‘the American Catholic Church’ makes up its own rules and changes them to protect their own hierarchy.

    When will they stand up to PRO-ABORT-Pelosi and others in Congress [here’s the list: and PUBLICLY excommunicate them in order to save their mortal souls? Never? WHY is that?

    Father Corapi’s situation is a smoke screen! Look at all the articles about him and then compare them to all the articles about the PRO-ABORT-CATHOLICS in Congress ……….. all I hear is crickets.

    God Bless Father Corapi and God have Mercy on the Catholic Church in America and the Bishops who have forgotten to take today’s Gospel to heart.

  53. Lank,

    Shedding light on what happened is not co-operating with evil.

    There are a lot of questions due to what happened. People are asking them. Deacon Kandra is offering his opinion.

    None of this would have happened had Fr. Corapi not released that statement. None of this would have happened had their not been those non-disclosure agreements.

    Don’t shoot the messenger basically. I don’t look at is as someone “turning” on another. Fr. Corapi has made a decision. He did this in a very public manner. So faithful Catholics are making it known Fr. Corapi does not speak for them, and that they feel he is going about this the wrong way, even if they sympathize with some of his concerns (though that sympathy is far less today.)

    They aren’t going into gossip mills, they aren’t chasing down this or that rumor, they are simply reporting the facts as they are presented.

  54. It is so shallow to think the picture on Corapis video is “EVIL”. And such, a sheep dog does awesome things to protect the flock. I think it is a stroke of genius that he chose the image of the sheep dog’s eyes for his blog’s masthead. I have a ranch. I have sheep. I have two wonderful sheep dogs, one a Great Pyrenees and the other an Anatolian Shepherd. I know that they are constantly on the alert for dangers threatening the sheep. They look with one eye for coyotes (we do not have wolves in South Texas) and they constantly keep one eye on the sheep. His avatar is perfect for the role he intends to perform as a shepherd. I think some these major negative critics on Corapi are so badly thought out. Seriously. Lets not forget, he is a priest, he may not practice as a priest publicly, but he still is a priest, so he needs humble supporters and humble prayers, not criticism that tears him down to pieces without true evidence of what has happened. Its way to early in the game.

  55. AutieCoosa, I wish so very much that you were not able to come up with a convoluted way to heap blame at priests who happen to be gay when the subject is the choice made by Fr. Corapi (evidently a straight man who is abandoning the priesthood in favor of his business interests).

    Your comment reminded me of the time when a student, in the middle of a gay-bashing paper, blamed gay men for abortion. Forget about logic. Just ride that horse until it dies right beneath you.

  56. Fr. Corapi did not leave the priesthood – he said he was not allowed to function as a priest – a Shepherd to the Flock. But he can continue to minister to the Flock as a Sheepdog. It may not be what he initially had in mind, as he was a black sheep in his former years, and always refers to dogs in his talks. Now he can only be the sheepdog if not the Shepherd. He is a priest and will always be a priest. I think there is much jealousy over his financial success, his intelectual success and his pastoral success. He has never said anything against the Magesterial teachings only against wayward BISHOPS! I will wait to see if he continues to be faithful, and pray that he continues to be faithful. If people point to his past and say he cannot change – not even with the grace of God and the help of our Blessed Mother, than how do any of us sinners ever hope that we will be able to live our lives on the Narrow way? I will wait to see the fruits of his new labor – he never said he would walk away from the faith like Luther did. We NEED strong priests to resist the liberal, homosexual, unorthodox thinking that has stolen into our Church!

  57. If the accusation is legit and business/commercially related, why not approach the civil court? maybe the accuser wants corapi to be defrocked.

  58. Corapi had better be careful that he does not become another Luther…

    Also, this statement by him leaves me dismayed:
    “I refuse to give up all of my civil and human rights in order to hold harmless anyone who chooses to say defamatory and actionable things against me with no downside to them.”

    Certainly by HUMAN law we can hold others accountable and seek punitive judgement… but our Lord… and supposedly Corapi’s Lord, asks us to FORGIVE… to be merciful. His actions seem a poor example for a priest/teacher to make for his flock.

  59. Sheepdogs will also eat the sheep if left alone without a human nearby.

    I’m sick and tired of hearing how Fr. Corapi is a priest so we shouldn’t criticize him, how we should give him the benefit of the doubt, etc.
    Is anyone giving Bishop Mulvey the benefit of the doubt? Is anyone giving Fr. Sheehan the benefit of the doubt?
    In his talk-out-of-both-sides statement, the Black Sheepdog encouraged his followers *not* to attack his SOLT superiors or the bishop of Corpus Christi, but he’s doing just that.

    As far as incardination, any priest visiting a diocese is required to have faculties given to him by the host bishop. In day-to-day circumstances, for a truly visiting priest, this is ignored, or delegated to the pastor to give approval. However, for anyone staying long-term, particularly a religious priest, the bishop needs to give approval.

    Therefore, Corapi never had faculties to say Mass or give sacraments where he lives.

  60. “If the Scourge slay suddenly, He will mock at the trial of the innocent.” Job 9:23.

    I have to wonder why ‘accusers’ wait 20-years b4 revealing a dispelling thought of imagined truth. The accuser must truly be disturbed and so full of resentment to carry such a burden for so many years or perhaps just a grudge. It seems that Fr. Corapi has a clear conscience to defend his position publicly; and once a priest, always a priest in the eyes of God, our ultimate judge.

    Did it ever occur to anyone reading these blogs that the Corpus Christi bishop may be using Fr. Corapi, so widely known and publicly professed, as a scapegoat to take stance for the Catholic church, where bishops have been accused so often of doing nothing to priests accused of injustices.

    I personally believe that Fr. Corapi did not conduct his accused action, and we can analyze, justify and judge all we want, but in the end, he knows his own innocence, as does the Lord.

    To Chatto, the 18th posting whom said, “in the much the same manner as I might eye up a lamb chop, rather than keep a benevolent watch over it?” We can seek good or evil, negative or positive…we can create anything we want in our own mind.

    I pray that Fr. Corapi seek only the wisdom and truth of God in all that he does personally and publicly.

  61. I now want to know, who is Fr. Z.? Why does he seem to live off in the middle of nowhere? His words carry enormous weight with many priests and others in the Church… Who is his Bishop? Who does he answer to? If anyone knows, I’d really like to know.

  62. Asking appropriate questions, pointing out areas that do not seem to be as they are being presented and trying to understand the issue, hopefully, will not be confused with casting stones.

  63. To all ……….

    The Greatest gift we can give Fr. John now is our lack
    of gossip and tons of PRAYERS. I for one think he is completely innocent.

    Let us pray and be silent……..

  64. Matt (post 20 or so),
    Take it easy, will you? I’m not happy with the “public prosecution and conviction” that Father Corapi arguably has suffered; too many people have leveled too many accusations with too few facts.
    But I think you’re at grave risk of doing the same thing in Fr’s defense. (I guess I should change that to Mr. Corapi, however reluctantly) We won’t win the battle of public opinion by hurling that kind of invective. Let’s stick to the facts and pray for all involved, OK? Yes, I know, I’m a slacker in that department too. We all need to work on it.

    Bob (post 35),
    Thanks for the laugh! I needed that! Felt great!

    Fr Z, Father John Zuhlsdorf, runs the blog WDTPRS (What Does The Prayer Really Say). If you Google his name, you may come up with his bona fides page ( or something like that); he comments that he’s not incardinated in the US. Some items on the page suggest that he studied overseas, one document explicitly mentions the Suburbicarian Diocese of Velletri-Segni, so that bishop may be his technical superior.

    Importantly, he does have a document from Ecclesia Dei regarding his faculties with the traditional Mass. I gather he had these prior to Summorum Pontificum.
    Why isn’t he incardinated in the US? Given the US bishops’ overall lack of enthusiasm for that same motu proprio, perhaps he had trouble finding a bishop in the US who’d allow him to celebrate Mass? Tough to tell.

  65. Hislovingcare, to be fair, some didn’t like John Corapi’s style and questioned his wealth and lack of priestly duties for year. forums would have posts that would get a little too uncharitable and then would close and reopen again.

    He didn’t have these employees and I”m sure that employee wasn’t with him for 20 years. Also, as some noticed he changed, maybe the things that caused anger and the need for legal documents came later.

    No one knows everything but you have to step back and look at it more than one way. Of course I am in a law enforcement/detective family so it’s a “default” you do without thinking.

  66. As a “ps” I feel his spiritual distress as he stated to his superiors for years, along with mental and physical, was part of the reason he didn’t rely on God to help him if he was innocent, didn’t trust.
    It had not been because of this accusation, but coming as his copyright a years ago of “black dog” and other things indicate.

    “In the midst of the investigation, the SOLT received a letter from Father Corapi, dated June 3, 2011, indicating that, because of the physical, emotional and spiritual distress he has endured over the past few years, he could no longer continue to function as a priest or a member of the SOLT. Although the investigation was in progress, the SOLT had not arrived at any conclusion as to the credibility of the allegations under investigation. ”

    Read more:

  67. Blog entries like this one and their subsequent responses have proved for me once and for all the lack of charity among the Catholic laity. One would rather speculate on something they know nothing about in a public forum and attack the very hand that once fed them then be patient and wait for the truth. I am no supporter of Fr. Corapi. Instead of this insepid and redundant dialogue, why not pray for the man instead of attacking him? The model of Priest and Shepherd was silent before his accusers, something the laity and Fr. Corapi should both remember. Alter Christi’s? Not here, neither among the common priesthood nor the ministerial priesthood. Grow up.

  68. I am very troubled by the news regarding Fr. Corapi. But I also believe it is wrong for anyone to pass judgment on a man who has not been found guilty of any wrongdoing. He is a human being, subject to the same failings as any other man or woman.

    I could not imagine what it would be like to stand accused, and unable to defend himself. Yes, he is a Catholic Priest, but he is also an American citizen. I completely understand the need for the Catholic Church to seriously investigate any accusations levelled at our priests. However, I also understand how profoundly this can impact the accused.

    So, while I am saddened by the road Fr. Corapi has chosen, I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt. He will be in my prayers. I will pray that the Truth become known, so that all involved can receive the mercy of Jesus and live their lives according to God’s plan.

  69. Fr. John is not being disobedient to anyone. Fr. John has had to hold his own financially through all this, in his defense the Church, or powers that be have not. Diocesan priests do not take a vow of poverty. It is not unusual for diocesan priests to own stocks, property etc.

    Fr. John is not “disconnecting” himself from the “Church”. He can be laicized and be a very strong orthodox faithful Catholic man. His primary functions were not “Parish Priest” and never was. He has always “Preached” and been faithful as a priest. I do not doubt he will be so as a laicized man as well.

    Let’s not pretend there is not huge problems withing the liberal hierarchy of our American Bishops — there are some that would love to see nothing more than Fr. John Corapi to just go away.

    May God in His infinite mercy see us all through these very difficult times…our Saints in history have not had the defamation at such injust levels as today. At the very click of a button a mans name can be ruined (via Facebook, blogs and the likes). I could not imagine what it must be like to be “accused” as a sexual abuser today in the Catholic Church, it is truly like the Witch Hunts of Salem. Lord have mercy on us all.

  70. I live in Vineland, NJ, just over the DE river across from Philadelphia. When the Church doesn’t aggressively pursue sexual allegations, as in Philadelphia’s case, the scandal hurts the Church. Of course Corapi’s superiors had to suspend him! As to the accusations flowing from Corapi right now about the process, he underminds his credibility with me by his vicious attacks on his accuser with his stated desire that she not be held harmless, but suffer some sort of downside. Deacon, you are correct to point out what you see in this story. You, too, are looking out for your sheep!

  71. Fr. John Corapi is a dedicated servant of God. Remember, the Sanhedrin put Jesus to death because they wanted to have more power than Him and power over Him,yet they couldn’t keep a good Man down, that being said…just keep being truth and light to the world, because you know from Padre Pio, that your own will persecute you because they are jealous and resentful that you actually stand for something and they know that they have and will fall for anything. He will be with you till the end of time, so keep doing your work with the same honesty and integrity that you have always had and God will take care of everything else. Take up your cross true and faithful servant and follow Him…

  72. Red Flags have been flying for months before the accusations. The new logo looks more like an evil entity than a black sheep dog. Fr. Corpari’s new look with the bald head and dyed pitch black goatee reminds me of Antone LeVey, the Satanist and then the trademark being over a year old. The media company that is not connected with the church in anyway, even though his fame and fortune comes from his ministry to the church. No vows of poverty. The fact he lives alone in Montana, drives a fast car and motorcycle and is purported to be a millionaire. Then the accusations that have come forth. Then the declaration that he is giving up his priesthood so readily. The fact he put a gag order on his accusers legally binding the church’s investigation. All the innuendos from him about this person (accuser) who he claimed to help and now he wants to defame. Nothing but Red Flags flying all over the place. Abusers of women will use their weaknesses to control them and make them submissive to that control. I just can’t help wondering if there is a connection in this case. It is a sad day that so many Catholic brothers and sisters are fighting each other because of this messy situation. I worry about the sheep to the slaughter. I worry for the soul of John Corapi and his mental health. It is just so sad and disturbing to so many.

  73. Honor him as sacred who offers up the food of your God; treat him as sacred, because I the LORD, who have consecrated him, am sacred. ‘Leviticus’

    God Bless all who bless our priests and curse all who curse our priests.

  74. Fr Corapi needs much prayer. I think this is what happens when a person becomes an object of worship. Fr Corapi should only be the traffic director, pointing the way towards Christ. God’s words through Dr. Corapi’s lips have done much good. But Fr. Corapi’s words through Fr Corapi’s lips need to be carefully discerned.

    Today’s gospel was very fitting for this situation

  75. Q: why’d they file that trademark a year ago?
    A: It takes time to complete an autobiography.

  76. Marco is right about one thing, there must be unity.

    One thing that GREATLY disturbs me is that many of Corapi’s defenders are attacking the bishops.

    His defenders say it is a terrible thing to attack a priest. Well, bishops are priests too, and more! They are the successors of the apostles, and they are our link with the Holy Father. It is because we are in communion with our bishop that we are in communion with the pope.

    Are they perfect? No, of course not. But if Fr. Corapi is a human being who faces temptations, and should be prayed for and not condemned, then we must have the same attitude about our bishops. They should be prayed for, not condemned!

    I have just passed through a major trial of faith, and one thing I learned in it is that liberal and traditionalists dissenters are one in the same. They are both disrespectful, and disobedient, towards the bishops. The mark of a faithful Catholic is loyalty to the bishops, not because they are perfect, but because he is a bishop.

    Marco is right. There must be unity, and unity comes through all of us respecting and showing obedience to the bishops, and in doing so, we show obedience and respect to the Holy Father.

  77. Father. Once a father always a Father. Go and cast out the money changers. John Paul the Blessed gave you the right to cast them all out even at the now dull and very commercial EWTN. I am the 24th grat grandson of Charleimigne, a holy Roman and defender of the faith. Go amd defend the faith as my lay anster did with Pope Leo. For EWTN to turn you out so fast and the Bishops is a sign of their unfaithfulness. I wish I could afford to buy all that you have for sale so my 2 year old son can someday see a true heart on fire with God.

  78. I’ll take Father any which way I get him. He has to continue his work. I pray and hope he does. And he is a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek. Thank you

  79. Corapi is a Sham! He loves his money and Montana estate more than his holy orders. Too true: Follow the Money.

    Good luck Black Sheep Dog, I rather follow the true church.

  80. I followed the link at the beginning of this article to the website to see what the “f” and “you” by the dog’s right eye was all about, that a number of posters were finding disturbing. They are so clearly the “facebook” (and then “twitter”) and “YouTube” logos, that I was surprised at all the hype. By the way, when you move your cursor over them, they pop up, and clicking on one or another of them links you to the corresponding website.

    May the Holy Spirit breathe His gentle peace into all hearts, and bring the healing that only He can bring, where only He alone can surely know that it is needed.

  81. Let me say this much as i’m feeling from all the kicking the man when he is down like i’m in a Pentacostal Church deciding on a new Pastor. To those who do not like Father Corapi could it be he has preached against things you enjoy? His past is a open book to all who care to verify it. What i’m reading are comments from a bunch of Catholic Pharisee’s. I for one know of no one who is perfect in this world that is not guilty of something they would rather not share. I even over heard a Nun call God a Female and when i told her i agreed with most of what EWTN offers she told me EWTN in so many words was lacking. So i think a lot of those who speak out against Father Corapi are like i learned years ago in the retail business in that those who accuse and suspect people of being crooks were the crooks.

  82. I think that is a bit much Larry. Many devout Catholics are nervous of what might happen down the line. “Unknown” is always scary but I dont think Father will have that much impact especially since many don’t know him or much about him outside of EWTN viewers. Many never knew much about him, one poster said she thought he lived in a hermitage with his dogs, not owning homes and other things. It doesn’t make him evil, but you see things that could cause trouble later. There were many odd things. Time will tell, but many people can say the right things, livng it is a whole other matter. We all struggle with that daily.
    May the fruit always be good falling from the tree.

  83. Fr. Corpai has a real gift for preaching. Many have benefitted from his work. But.

    A man who has a characteristic temptation to greed and an addictive personality has a conversion, and because no one else will take him, he ends up sponsored for ordination by a fledgeling religious society from backwater Texas. This same backwater religious society is crumbling due to a lack of discipline and is banned from at least one diocese due to sexual scandals.

    He lives a unique life within the Church, an ordained priest who rakes in a lot of money for someone (?) while living in a compound, not incardinated to any diocese and quite apparently not under actual obedience to the backwater society. EWTN does what it always does, making an association where it shouldn’t have, and getting another inevitable black eye.

    So, Fr. Corapi had hangers-on, camp followers, overzealous apostles, employees of various stripes, a largish budget, a fanbase, and practical immunity from obedience. Two Bishops played hot potato with him, one lost. If you are troubled that the accusation lacks credibility, consider that Corapi exploding all over the media is precisely what those two Bishops were expecting/dreading the entire time.

    Fr. Corpai’s situation was in dire, dire need of oversight for a long time. The SOLT was in the same dire need. This is what you call an “opportunity” so a Bishop took it. Fr. has obliged by leaving, essentially confirming the allegations in many minds, and opened himself up to more serious Roman sanctions.

    Fr. Corapi in his statement complains that Church authorities never helped him with his ministerial problems in the past. The phrase “ten foot pole” seems very apt, and this points to naivete’ on the part of Fr. Corapi concerning his situation. This was a priest living in a weird, weird situation from which weird, weird news emerged, and mingled with weird, weird news from his religious society. I have sympathy, but I would have put him on leave, too.

    Also, I have to note, we have more than one elderly ethnic Bishop emeritus in Texas who continues to get involved in Church politics. It’s a phenomenon we know here, and these men were no great shakes when they held office and their backseat driving makes all the less sense for it.

    True or false, right or wrong, I have no idea, but there’s some of the “why”.

  84. Fr. Coropi alias The Black Sheepdog, Hi. My heart is very heavy about all that is going on. I can’t imagine anybody in the world talking you up more than myself. Watch him. He’s to be trusted. I think in some ways I’m more sensitive to things because there is not much tissue that isn’t scar of my heart. It’s humbling not being able to breath. I’m hoping you will be speaking out on this invading socialism entering our USA country, and this Babalonian New world Order threatening the whole of mankind. Please let me know, dear friend, are you still going to be RECIEVING Holy Communion? Are you going to be going to Confession? Are you going to be a practicing Catholic? I understand some of the self-interest politics, especially concerning Bishops with power. I understand how you know things have to be said about big world government. ‘I want’ to hear it.
    I am, in all sincerity, having a hard time getting past why non-disclosures were given to a few of your workers. The woman, the accuser, from what I read, sounds ‘deeply’ troubled, indeed. But instead of the non-disclosures issued, couldn’t you have made documentations concerning her demonstrable behavior and what you did to helpfully and hopefully quell her mindset? It’s routine in business, medicine with patients, etc. I understand it was in your best interest to threaten suit against her. I also hear since she could not speak because of the non-disclosure, it impeded the justice system. If, and I repeat, ‘if’, you fell off track, I know I would have forgiven you without delay, as everybody else who loves you would. You are ‘us’. Man, we all fall. You would have been looked up to even moreso because of your humility. You are in a very sensitive and tempting line of work. I stand up for priests all the time. I mean it. I hurt for you guys. Fr. John, I need to know if you are still Catholic and recieving the sacrements as would a layperson. Please explain in more detail these things I am pondering. I’m going to look you up daily anyway. Everyday. I wish I had your dvds on the Nicene Creed. By the way, GK. Chesterton said, “The USA is the only nation ever founded on a creed.” Please answer me, my friend. Help my heart on this. God bless and keep you, forever and ever, Amen Your good friend, Rick

  85. John Corapi is outspoken against those within the church and in civil government who share in the pride of sin and endow themselves with the authority due only to God. Corapi is correct that the entire world and all humanity are heading for destruction. We are truly in a final battle against the forces of evil. God now calls our planet the “Earth Corpse.” (The Message From The All, Universal Life, 2009). Earth will reverse the magnetic poles and explode, taking humanity with it.
    A new spiritual earth will arise, and God will populate it with a race
    He calls God-man. We are the last human generation to receive salvation. John Corapi serves the role today of John the Baptist: “Behold the lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!”

  86. john corapi ,brought us to life and also he inspire us to love GOD our SAVIOUR. “ON GOOD DEEDS” Our speech is alive when our works speak. I beseech you then, let words cease and let your deeds speak! Our life is so full of words but so empty of good works. Father CORAPI ,has been blessing in our lives.he brought us back to the catholic church.HAVE PEACE IN OUR HEARTS.AMEN.

  87. Jesus is Truly Present in the Eucharist. Receive in the State of Sanctified Grace. Everything else besides the Liturgy of the Word is practically noise. Pray for all our Priests, especially Fr. Corapi…peace….

  88. In the Pieta it states that we “should pray for Priests instead of criticizing them.” Fr. John Corapi told the truth and there is not very much room in our society or in our Church for those who tell the truth. We have liberals running our Church and our Catholic Universities and they are spreading their evil influences. These did not like Fr. John Corapi. He spoke of a division in the Church which in fact exists. This is the same division that has many Catholic Universities accepting and employing Professors that are pro homosexual. Look at Notre Dame they had the very evil Obama Hussein speak. This is blindness but I bet it will get the ire of those bleeding heart liberals that accept anything and make excuses and rationalize Christian doctrine and dogma. Fr. Corapi made no excuses and exposed this and he was not liked by the liberals. God Bless! Fr. Corapi I hope you read this because there are many who seen and heard you fighting against the evil one!!!!!

  89. “…the very evil Obama Hussein.”
    Not true, not kind and not necessary for your argument.

    What I used to tell students who talk like that: “We tell the truth with charity in this class. Now, come after school and write that 50 times on the board.”

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