They had me at Abe Vigoda

They had me at Abe Vigoda June 10, 2011

Below, the full version of the sweetly ridiculous, utterly delightful “flash mob” that was staged for Meredith Vieira’s last morning on TODAY.  The song: the omnipresent “Don’t Stop Believin'”
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5 responses to “They had me at Abe Vigoda”

  1. Though I never am up early enough to watch the Today show, I have watched Meridith in the past, when she was on The View. She is a great gal. Nice send off from the show!

  2. Greg:

    Abe struck out with Tom Hagen, he was just trying to get Meredith to ” get me out of this, you know for old times.”

    You can clearly see Meredith say,” Sorry Sallie, can’t do it”

  3. This was a lot of fun, Deacon Greg. Thank you for sharing. What a nice send off for Meredith.

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